CoronaVirus Icon Pack

25 Icons
Pack ID: 40674
Download in svg, png and 5 more formats
Available in Glyph Style
Asthma  Icon

Asthma Icon

Coronavirus  Icon

Coronavirus Icon

Coronavirus transmitters  Icon

Coronavirus Transmitters Icon

Cough  Icon

Cough Icon

Diarrhea  Icon

Diarrhea Icon

Fever  Icon

Fever Icon

Flu  Icon

Flu Icon

Headache  Icon

Headache Icon

Health protection  Icon

Health Protection Icon

Hospital  Icon

Hospital Icon

Map of china  Icon

Map Of China Icon

Mask  Icon

Mask Icon

No touching  Icon

No Touching Icon

No touching eyes and nose  Icon

No Touching Eyes And Nose Icon

No touching wild animal  Icon

No Touching Wild Animal Icon

No vaccine  Icon

No Vaccine Icon

Pneumonia  Icon

Pneumonia Icon

Puke  Icon

Puke Icon

Safety doctor clothes  Icon

Safety Doctor Clothes Icon

Sore throat  Icon

Sore Throat Icon

Tissue  Icon

Tissue Icon

Travel warning  Icon

Travel Warning Icon

Wash fruits and vegetables  Icon

Wash Fruits And Vegetables Icon

Wash hands  Icon

Wash Hands Icon

Wet market  Icon

Wet Market Icon

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