Cinema Icon Pack

44 Icons

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Flat style
3d Glasses  Icon

3D Glasses Icon

Binoculars  Icon

Binoculars Icon

Building  Icon

Building Icon

Cinema  Icon

Cinema Icon

Cinema Mobile  Icon

Cinema Mobile Icon

Free Cinema Monitor  Icon

Cinema Monitor Icon

Cinema Screen  Icon

Cinema Screen Icon

Cinema Tab  Icon

Cinema Tab Icon

Clapperboard  Icon

Clapperboard Icon

Compact Disc  Icon

Compact Disc Icon

Free Controls  Icon

Controls Icon

Digital Clapperboard  Icon

Digital Clapperboard Icon

Director Chair  Icon

Director Chair Icon

Drink  Icon

Drink Icon

Film  Icon

Film Icon

Film Reel  Icon

Film Reel Icon

Folder  Icon

Folder Icon

Folder Cinema  Icon

Folder Cinema Icon

Laptop  Icon

Laptop Icon

Laptop Cinema  Icon

Laptop Cinema Icon

Location  Icon

Location Icon

Media Player  Icon

Media Player Icon

Megaphone  Icon

Megaphone Icon

Mobile  Icon

Mobile Icon

Monitor  Icon

Monitor Icon

Movie Ticket  Icon

Movie Ticket Icon

Notebook  Icon

Notebook Icon

Place  Icon

Place Icon

Popcorn  Icon

Popcorn Icon

Projector  Icon

Projector Icon

Red Carpet  Icon

Red Carpet Icon

Reel  Icon

Reel Icon

Remote  Icon

Remote Icon

Reward  Icon

Reward Icon

Seat  Icon

Seat Icon

Free Spotlight  Icon

Spotlight Icon

Tab-tablet  Icon

Tab Tablet Icon

Theatre  Icon

Theatre Icon

Free Ticket  Icon

Ticket Icon

Vhs  Icon

Vhs Icon

Video  Icon

Video Icon

Video Camera  Icon

Video Camera Icon

Web  Icon

Web Icon

Web Cinema  Icon

Web Cinema Icon

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