Business Elements Icon Pack

54 Icons

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Advertisement  Icon

Advertisement Icon

Analysis  Icon

Analysis Icon

Box  Icon

Box Icon

Business  Icon

Business Icon

Chair  Icon

Chair Icon

Chat  Icon

Chat Icon

Clock  Icon

Clock Icon

Coffee and bread  Icon

Coffee And Bread Icon

Computer configuration  Icon

Computer Configuration Icon

Conversation  Icon

Conversation Icon

Desk  Icon

Desk Icon

Diamond  Icon

Diamond Icon

Employee card  Icon

Employee Card Icon

Envelope  Icon

Envelope Icon

Financial loss  Icon

Financial Loss Icon

Folder  Icon

Folder Icon

Forklift  Icon

Forklift Icon

Great  Icon

Great Icon

Hammer of justice  Icon

Hammer Of Justice Icon

Home security  Icon

Home Security Icon

Human management  Icon

Human Management Icon

Human management  Icon

Human Management Icon

Key  Icon

Key Icon

Leader  Icon

Leader Icon

Letter  Icon

Letter Icon

Mail  Icon

Mail Icon

Microphone  Icon

Microphone Icon

Mobile maintenance  Icon

Mobile Maintenance Icon

Money  Icon

Money Icon

Online banking  Icon

Online Banking Icon

Online course  Icon

Online Course Icon

Password  Icon

Password Icon

Pen  Icon

Pen Icon

Pencil  Icon

Pencil Icon

Pinned mail  Icon

Pinned Mail Icon

Presentation  Icon

Presentation Icon

Product design  Icon

Product Design Icon

Profit  Icon

Profit Icon

Projector  Icon

Projector Icon

Recruitment  Icon

Recruitment Icon

Robot hand  Icon

Robot Hand Icon

Rocket  Icon

Rocket Icon

Smart farmer  Icon

Smart Farmer Icon

Talk  Icon

Talk Icon

Teamwork  Icon

Teamwork Icon

Teleconference  Icon

Teleconference Icon

Thought  Icon

Thought Icon

Tissue paper  Icon

Tissue Paper Icon

Trash  Icon

Trash Icon

Trophy  Icon

Trophy Icon

Truck  Icon

Truck Icon

Website  Icon

Website Icon

Winner  Icon

Winner Icon

Winner  Icon

Winner Icon

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