Team Iconscout: Sahil Ranpuri, Senior Frontend Engineer

Meet Sahil, a senior frontend engineer with Iconscout responsible for developing pixel-perfect UI for web and plugins.

Team Iconscout: Sahil Ranpuri, Senior Frontend Engineer

Iconscout is driven to offer you the best design assets and the power to customize them to suit your needs. This isn't possible without a team of rockstars! Sahil is one of our rockstars who has been a key player in various projects that add immense value to the user's experience. Here's his story:

Sahil Ranpuri - Frontend Developer

How would you describe your role at Iconscout? Feel free to elaborate on it.

I'm a Senior Frontend Engineer at Iconscout, and I primarily work on pixel-perfect UI Development for web and plugins. I am curious about the interaction part in all interfaces I work with. It is like putting magic into the skeleton.

I worked on various projects such as Icon Editor (Create and edit SVG icons online), File Converter (A free online tool to convert file types in just a few steps), Unicons (Open source icon library), and many more. It's a great experience to explore and get my hands on different aspects of products.

We would like to know your story and some of your achievements.

Unlike most, I did not have an understanding of programming before I started college. I was clueless the first time I came across programming in the first year of my bachelor's degree. This made me extremely curious and eager to learn more about the subject. When I look back at it, the journey I've had has been pretty surprising. The first language I ever came across was HTML and CSS, which made me explore the creativity hidden within me.

In college, my source of motivation was the movie Jobs, a biographical film based on the life of Steve Jobs. Through it, I came across the startup world, which inspired me to do what I did. I launched our first project called Eventoo (image & video gallery for university students). This project was the first achievement in my college life.

Sahil's First Achievement In His College Life

After I finished college and joined Iconscout, I learned various things, such as how a product works and marketing it in the right direction. I always wanted to devote myself to constructing something valuable and helpful for people. My breakthrough moment was when I found the idea to work on Indians Who Code (Directory of Indian developers.) I connected with a colleague of mine and discussed the idea. Soon he was convinced and dedicated to building something like this. We created a platform for Indian Developers from which they could find more opportunities. I worked on every aspect of the product, from scratch, right up to the launch. On the day of the launch, we got 70+ entries and 2000+ hits. This was one of my most significant achievements.

I am an outgoing person who likes to meet new people and learn something new from them, always searching for something that strikes me.

What is it about Frontend Engineering that enticed you into a career in it?

As a Frontend Engineer, I feel like a hybrid engineer who gets the opportunity to explore and learn about much more things. Let's see how! As a Frontend Engineer, I must know how design works because, in the end, I would need to develop a UI that works efficiently. I must also know how things work on the tech side so that I or someone would integrate it. At the same time, I also have to take care of certain things like SEO and the animation part for interaction. This opportunity of well-rounded learning enticed me to build a career in it.

Sahil on a typical work day

What was the moment you knew you had made the right decision to work with Iconscout?

Joining Iconscout was my first exposure to the industrial world. As a 20-year-old, I was totally unaware of what to expect. However, before joining Iconscout, I had been to 4 different firms for interview, but none had a respectful and friendly work culture. After my interactions with the team at Iconscout, I was floored by their work culture and was sure that it was the right decision. Initially, adjusting to the new atmosphere was a little hectic for me. But the way they accepted me and gave me an environment where I could just be myself and grow as an individual and a developer.

Sahil with his team at Iconscout

Tell us the highlights of your time here with Iconscout. How has your career grown since starting at Iconscout?

I first met Dalpat and Varun at a startup event held at our college. They were about to launch their product, and by the time they were done presenting their idea, I was amazed! I approached them to discuss some bugs and issues in their system. We exchanged our views and opinions over that platform, and they offered me an internship right away. I appreciate that they allowed me to prove myself through my work. Later, I joined Iconscout full-time. I never felt left out or frustrated because the work culture they provide made me feel like a part of the community, not just an employee.

Sahil Ranpuri at Iconscout's Fun Events

While working with Iconscout, I have realized how important it is to enjoy work and life together. We've traveled and attended fun events as a team! When I look back and assess my personal growth, I’d say I’m both stunned and happy. I was just a young boy, unprepared for whatever was out there for me. Still, my colleagues mentored me, kept my engine fuelled, and recognized my curiosity, which helped me reach where I am today. I want to take this as an opportunity to thank my colleagues Dalpat, Tarun, Arpan, Varun, Mohit, and Jemis for their continuous inspiration.

What would be the three takeaways you would advise people seeking a career in Frontend Engineering?

Everyone is different and learns at their own pace, which is the beauty of one's journey. The major takeaway I'd advise for people seeking a career in Frontend Development are:

  • Always stay curious about your core work and developments around it. It is a game-changer
  • Be it any field, if your core concept is clear, you'll always find the path to deliver great work, leading to your success
  • The most important advice is to believe in yourself. If you don't believe in yourself, how can you expect someone else to believe and invest in you and your ideas?

I'd say, don't just follow your passion; invest in your passion.

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