Nilesh Kumar, Software Engineer and 3D Illustrator

Nilesh Kumar shares how he gets inspiration for his creations, and advice for other designers.

Nilesh Kumar, Software Engineer and 3D Illustrator

1. Tell us about your role and what you do.

My name is Nilesh Kumar and I work as a software engineer in Chennai. My niche is 3D illustration, and IconScout is the first marketplace I’ve used to sell my 3D assets to users. Before that, I used to take custom orders and create assets for clients.

2. What is your primary source of inspiration? How would you describe your style?

I generally take inspiration from Google trends and look out for which category is currently trending worldwide. For other inspiration, I look at Pinterest, Dribbble, and various other marketplaces.

I create simple but attractive 3D assets that users can download and use for their businesses.

3. During the process, what type of software and design tools do you use?

For creating 3D assets, I use Blender. I learned Blender during the COVID pandemic and liked the software a lot.

A screenshot of 3D icons in Blender
A screenshot of 3D icons in Blender
A screenshot of 3D icons in Blender

4. What advice would you like to give to the designers from the IconScout community?

My advice to all the designers is, please do not copy assets from any other designer’s profile or portfolio. You can create your own assets using your creativity and style.

5. How can people find you and get connected?

Yes, you can reach to me on Instagram, Behance and Dribbble.

6. If you were to pick your most favorite asset on IconScout, what would it be?

On IconScout, there are many amazing and awesome 3D assets that are my favorite, and I get inspiration from them for creating my next batch of assets.

"Crypto 3D Illustration Pack" by Polyray 3D Studio
"Crypto 3D Illustration Pack" by Polyray 3D Studio

7. What are the three main things you love about IconScout?

Three things I love about IconScout are:

  • Contributors just need to focus on the designing part. The rest of the work will be handled by IconScout. They’ll curate all the assets and give tags for all the assets.
  • IconScout is continuously developing with many new features and the recent “Hire Me” feature is a one of its finest features.
  • On IconScout, anyone can get a variety of assets on IconScout including 3D illustrations, 3D models, icons, animations, and many more.

8. What are your thoughts on the members and culture of the IconScout team?

All the members of IconScout are amazing and very communicative. They help their contributors in every possible way to grow more and have the best experience with IconScout.

They also have a very quick response time for any query you share with them and they are accurate with all their replies.

9. How do you see your future with IconScout?

In the upcoming years, I would like to create more creative and attractive 3D assets on IconScout and would love to contribute with my best assets to the marketplace.

10. What are the benefits you have received from uploading your work on IconScout?

IconScout is my first marketplace ever and since I joined the marketplace, I have gotten side income from all the assets under my profile. IconScout is moving towards being the best marketplace when it comes to 3D, and I’m glad to be one of the 3D contributors.

11. How did IconScout help accelerate the growth of your work?

IconScout always shares all the categories and the topics that will be trending in the future. That gives the contributor some extra time to explore more of those categories and create assets for them. They also always maintain relationships with all their contributors and I’m fortunate to be one of them.

12. What would you like to see more in the future of animation?

For the animations, I haven’t explored it a lot, as I’m a software engineer and most of my time goes into developing things. But, in the future, I’ll surely try to explore more when it comes to Lottie animations.

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