Iconscout royalty increase to 70%

Iconscout contributor will now get 70% commission on each asset sale. This is the highest share in the industry.

Iconscout royalty increase to 70%

Since our launch in 2016, we have taken great pride in referring to ourselves as a contributor-driven marketplace. Today we have over 1600+ contributors, but some of the original ones are still present because of their trust in us.

Over the years, we have been very happy to collaborate with so many talented designers around the world. Not only Iconscout team but hard work of our Contributors make Iconscout as a well-known brand in the world.

Today we are here to express our gratitude and share a very interesting news with you.

You will now earn a net 70% royalty on each asset sale. Whether you are creating vector Icons, Illustrations, 3D Graphics, or Lottie Animations, you will make 70 % net revenue from every sale on the Iconscout marketplace in perpetuity.

This is probably the highest in the industry. The decision came easy to us; we asked ourselves a simple question. “How can we create immense value for our contributors?” we arrived at two solutions:

  1. Chalk out a detailed plan to enhance our reach to a much wider global audience.
  2. Reward our marketplace contributors exceptionally well.

We also have some other milestones and update to share with you.

115K+ Assets uploaded last month

With help of our contributors, we are taking our assets to whole new level and this month we went one step further. We have uploaded more than 1115K+ assets last month.

Our team is working so that you guys can enjoy new and exciting assets of top notch quality. We make sure that each month we have assets from different categories and themes. In the month of March, we uploaded more than 115K+ Assets. Here is a beautiful collage created by our design team to give you guys a preview. Check to find some of the most popular and amazing illustration assets uploaded this week.

Lottie Animations coming soon on the platform

One of the biggest update we are bringing for you in April is support of Lottie Animations on our platform. As you know Iconscout is acquired by LottieFiles and our main objective is to make Iconscout the biggest design assets marketplace. In the quest, our next target is to add Lottie Animations on the store.

We are in the final stage of integration and soon will open our contributor portal to upload Lottie Animations. You can check in your Contributor Dashboard for more updates.

We are heads down at work to further our reach and will keep you posted on our growth. In the meantime, starting this month, your increased royalty share will be reflected in your payouts.

Thank you for years of support, and we know that you will help us spread the word and let's make Iconscout a biggest marketplace in the world.

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