How OpenFaaS came to rescue us!

An overview of our experience with serverless computing and speeding up Iconscout. Being a bootstrapped startup, it’s an important decision to decide which technologies to invest in. Whether it’s cloud VMs, cloud services or even email providers. We were in the same situation when we opted to use OpenFaaS for our upcoming major update of Iconscout. Previously, we’ve […]

Best Prototyping Tools for Designers — 2018

Websites and Mobile application have become an important aspect in today’s world where it helps in reaching to people directly and convey what the company or the product wants the people to understand. As a result, demand for Web and Mobile app designers has increased who can design what people want to see and what company […]

13 Must have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Recently working with Google Chrome has not become a choice but a necessity due to its out of the box peculiarities especially its extensions. In terms of technicality, extensions are small software programs which modifies and enhances the functionality of the Google Chrome browser but for web developers it is more than that.   This gift […]

Top 17 Design Blogs Web Designers Should Follow in 2017

Having encountered various expected-unexpected meets with designers, we understand how much perplexing and baffling designing can be! Designing is anything but atomic. It can be further subdivided into categories including User Interface designing, UX designing, Icon/Illustration designing, Web designing, App designing and the list is endless. To create something fresh in any of these genre, […]

16 Classic Color Scheme Generators to Pick the Perfect Palette

Ever wondered despite being drastically different in their creations, why do the websites of the automobile legends such as Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, BMW etc have an almost alike appearance – a combination of darker and lighter hues? Its answer resides in the organization’s brand guidelines. This document is a result of the profound research […]