iOS 14 Home Screen - Inspiration

New iOS 14 update is here and we are bringing you some of the best layout that can inspire you to create yours.

iOS 14 Home Screen - Inspiration

As we know Apple just dropped its newest software update, iOS 14, and people are going crazy over it. Remember when back in 2013 when everyone were obsessed with making their iPhone home screens look aesthetically pleasing! Well, after 7 years it’s back! With iOS 14, Apple has brought to its user the ability to customize its layout and theme of the home screen, and this has created a huge social media trend.

People are spending hours and dollars to set up their custom home screen! People are doing some cool things on their home screen. Here’s some layout inspiration!

Black Minimal Theme

If you are a fan of dark mode, we are sure you would love this layout. It is simply chic, elegant, and obviously as the name suggests it is black and minimal.

Black minimal theme

Aqua Theme

Old school customized aqua-themed layout specially designed to give old school feel. This is for all the iPhone users out there who have seen iPhone evolve from one to twelve. This layout specifically gives refreshing, tropical, beachy vibes.

Aqua theme

MS Paint Style

Did you know that iOS 14 lets you re-do app icons? Now you can naturally remake all the logos in MS paint style. Sorry to all app icon designers that have spent months and years making them all pretty and technically correct.

MS paint style

Windows theme setup

Yet another old school computer-style layout. But this setup is little different. This is for all the designers out there. Yes, you saw it right a paint app window is open on the screen, Now you can scribble away anytime you want.

WIndows theme setup


Some fresh new vibes on your iOS device. There are 72 different types of icons to start with dark mode, light mode, brown, you can even custom color your layout as well. Free lifetime updates as you keep adding to the collection.

Limitless layout


All you need in one layout, it is your contacts, workspace, social media space, all aesthetically pleasing with a white background, this is the most productive of the layouts. Along with a cute little plant with it.


Who does not like Apple's personalized home screen UI and the idea of freedom from designers having power over our screens is quite fascinating. Design for people, by the people! Diversity is good and necessary.

Diversity Layout

Pink Cloud Aesthetics

Sky pretty clouds, pretty scenarios is the inspiration for this layout with pink colors as the palette colors and these beautifully come together in an aesthetically pleasing yet pretty looking way.

Pink Cloud Aesthetic Layout

Golden Compass

Woah! This is purely magical, we all are familiar with the awesome effect of sunlight and the natural lighting, and incorporating that in this manner is a great idea! This new update has given us opportunities to explore!

Golden compass layout

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I hope you enjoyed the ride. Log into Iconscout to discover millions of best icons, top illustrations, and famous stock photos. We will be back with many more such countdown.

Happy Designing!!!

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