How the IconScout App for Canva Can Transform Your Design Projects

From presentations, and book covers, to social and ads, check out how you can make stunning designs.

How the IconScout App for Canva Can Transform Your Design Projects

Are you a business owner, a marketer, or a student trying to impress your teacher to get that A+? But here's the problem: you don't have any resources for a graphic design team, nor are you one with the arts.

That's where Canva comes in - the ultimate online platform for non-designers to create impressive designs. As a platform made for non-designers, it feels like this is right up your alley, and we wanted to help you on your design journey with the IconScout app for Canva, which will enable you to create amazing designs.

What is IconScout app for Canva?

The IconScout app for Canva is an extension that adds features to Canva. The app is easily accessible within Canva, so you don't have to switch between browsers tabs and apps to access your design assets.

With our IconScout app for Canva, you can access our entire library of icons, illustrations, 3D illustrations, and Lottie animations, all within Canva. If you have a paid plan for IconScout, you can also access all our premium design assets within Canva. But the real question is: where do you use these design assets? Let's explore each design asset and see what you can do with them.

What can you do with icons in Canva?

We understand the importance of having a variety of icon options to choose from. That's why we offer our own icons and the option to access the “Unicons icon library.” Unicon library consists 7,000+ icon fonts, SVG icons that you can select your preferred style from.

Mobile app prototype

Icons, while small, are extremely useful for performing actions such as navigating forward or backward, taking actions with “Like” and “Share” buttons and many more on a mobile app.

Using the IconScout app for Canva, you can create your own prototype to test your design layout and see whether the icons are effective. Proper icon placement can help improve the UI experience.


An icon can convey a message or idea simply, concisely, and powerfully. Essentially, an icon is a picture that signifies words or ideas, making it an effective way to communicate with or without the need for words.

What can you do with illustrations in Canva?

Now let's look at the illustrations. There are 190,000+ illustrations available in our IconScout library that are all available within Canva to choose from.


Rather than using bullet points and complex graphs, using visual elements such as illustrations and verbal explanations has been proven to be more effective in helping the audience remember information in the long run.

Invitation and greeting cards

Whether it's Easter, Ramadan, Christmas, or New Year's, you can make them truly shine with the help of some delightful illustrations! But don't limit yourself to just the holidays - events like weddings and birthdays are perfect opportunities to add some visual flair to your invitations as well.

Book covers

Did you know that illustrations can also enhance readers' experiences? Studies have shown that children's books with illustrations can lead to deeper engagement with the text and more critical thinking compared to books without images.

What can you do with 3D illustrations in Canva?

3D illustrations add depth and pop to your realistic or stylized designs. With the IconScout app for Canva, you can access our vast collection of 3D illustrations.

Posters and flyers

Imagine having a poster for your upcoming concert or campaign, with additional flyers to pass out. To make sure they don't end up tossed or lost in the mix, 3D designs can be a game changer.

What can you do with Lottie animations in Canva?

Using Lottie animation is a great way to create a design that stands out. Whether it's an animated logo for a video's opening or closing credits, or an animated icon to use on your webpage, the IconScout app for Canva gives you access to over 130,000 Lottie animations. You can also check out the LottieFiles library for more animated elements that can be easily integrated into your Canva designs.

Social media

By incorporating some motion magic, your story has the potential to become 100 times more engaging and interactive. Even a small amount of animation can add a little twist to a static image, making it playful, enjoyable, and attention-grabbing.


Similar to social media, animation can make advertisements more captivating, leading to higher ROI and expanding the sales funnel. These ads can be featured on various platforms, including social media and billboards.

Mix and match design assets

In the end, it all comes down to your imagination and how you want to create your project. You may combine icons with 3D illustrations, Lottie animations with illustrations, or why not add a little bit of everything to make the best of it all. Mix, match, and experiment to find the aesthetics you like and what works best for your design Canva projects.

Start making your designs

With our library at your fingertips, you can now create designs with ease. For non-designer, Canva is a great venue to start off with. While for designers, having access to our IconScout library means you get to save time and effort that would have been spent on creating icons, illustrations, and other design assets from scratch - resulting in a more productive outcome.

If you want to take your design to the next level, you can also consider customizing your design asset using the Color Editor and importing it to Canva. Or, if you prefer a different tool like Adobe XD or Figma, not a problem; we have plugins for those as well to ensure you have a nice design experience. Check out the entire list of plugins here.

Happy Designing!

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