Best Design Resources - September 2021

September has given us some of the most amazing design assets across our asset types - icons, illustrations, 3Ds, and Lottie animations! Here are our top picks for you.

Best Design Resources - September 2021

Hey all! We are back with one of our most loved blogs, the Best Monthly Design Resources. September 2021 comes with a different theme. This list is full of icons, illustrations, 3Ds, and Lottie animations in various styles. You can use these assets in all your creative projects and make them uber appealing and engaging!


Icons are an integral part of various design projects, whether creating UI/UX or beautiful presentations. They might be tiny in size, but the detailing is what makes the difference. Unique in design and color schemes, these icons are sure to make your designs stand apart. Quickly edit and resize to customize; these icons are available in multiple file formats.

Halloween Icon Pack

Halloween is around the corner, so how could we not have some spooky icons for you to create spook-tacular designs! Check them out.

Halloween Icon Pack - Iconscout

Literacy Icon Pack

Do you want to create designs in the theme of education but can't find fresh resources? Here are 30 icons that can make your creations pop, and what's better, they come in 4 different styles!

Literacy Icon Pack - Iconscout


If creating designs with wholesome storytelling, your search is over. Our diverse collections of expressive and unique illustration packs will give your creations the creative edge! All our illustrations are editable and resizable, so go ahead and tweak them to your liking.

Halloween Illustration Pack

The season of scares is here, so the Halloween theme is the rave! Check out the Halloween Illustration Pack for detailed illustrations and create beautiful digital designs, whether making stickers or that creative e-invite for your Halloween Party!

Halloween Illustration Pack - Iconscout

Start-Up Illustration Pack

Explore beyond the horizon with our Start-Up Illustration Pack in a vibrant color blast style! This pack gives you everything you need to create that launch presentation you've wanted to put together! Businesses and Start-Ups, this is for you!

Startup Illustration Pack- Iconscout


That additional dimension makes a massive impact on your designs and presentations, and our 3D packs are sure to give that to you! The possibilities are endless with these 3D assets, and the playground is for you to explore! Add them to your blogs or create stickers from them to make your conversations more fun. Here are some of our picks for 3D assets.

Cryptocurrency 3D Pack

Digital currency is what has got everyone talking, and cryptocurrency is the buzzword! It is all over the internet, and you don't want to miss out on the action. Here are 21 unique 3D Illustrations in a comic sticker style. If you wish to make your blogs or posts on cryptocurrency exciting, this is definitely the choice to go with!

Cryptocurrency Illustration Pack-Iconscout

Business 3D Pack

This month, 3D packs mean business! So here is a beautiful 3D Illustration Pack for all you business geeks with a soothing and complementing color scheme! Who says business has to be boring when you have such assets to add to your designs and spark things up!

Business 3D Pack- Iconscout

Lottie Animations

The magic of motion is what moves audiences! And nobody does it better than Lottie Animations. Light and power-packed, these animations can be used everywhere, from your websites to your apps; apply them across your designs! Here are the picks for September!

Online Education Lottie Pack

With the change in times, education has transitioned quite comfortably to the virtual space. It is no longer just limited to your subjects like mathematics and science. Online education has even ventured to music and sports and a lot more subjects. The Lottie animations are definitely the choice to Check them out!

Online Education Lottie Pack-Iconscout

Vaccine Lottie Pack

We have learned how important health is and how critical vaccine has been to protect our health from threats. Here is the Vaccine Lottie Animations pack with a pleasant flat layout and color scheme! Explore the massive collection of Lottie animations.

Vaccine Lottie Pack-Iconscout

We'd love to hear which pack appealed the most to you and where did you apply them. Share with us in the comment section below!

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Want to share your suggestions or become a part of the community? Write to us on our Community Forum on Discord.

Until then, happy designing!

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