3D Hand Assets - Exceptionally fun 3D illustrations by Iconscout

Here we stand high and proud to announce such wonderful assets for you guys out there to use and enjoy! So do not forget to visit our website for more!

3D Hand Assets - Exceptionally fun 3D illustrations by Iconscout

As a kid we all have dreamed of our favorite creatures popping out of our screens and play with us. Well, this cannot be a reality but we have brought it pretty close to your imagination. One of the biggest design trends of 2021 as predicted by everyone is going to be 3D.

3D assets have been used widely in media industry but now it is coming to screen designing as well. As tech giants like Instagram and Google are also playing around with those assets, we are pretty sure that 3D assets will be in wide use this year.

We at Iconscout has taken this into notice and we have created this amazing library of 3D Hands assets for you and fun part is they are absolutely for FREE!

Iconscout has taken an initiative to spread the message of equality in the the form of our latest releases. More than 24 packs of hands in form of 3D assets along with 180 plus hand gestures. These all together are displaying unity in diversity as different religions are shown in form of some basic and common accessories through these 3D Hands illustration packs.

These are available in four different skin tones and in a variety of styles, and that too in file formats like PNG, BLEND file formats. These cool illustrations are very unique in nature with high resolution and are easily reconfigurable. Now let me clear the air here all you have to do is download it and you will get high quality even if you wanna use it as a profile picture or in a hoarding.

  • Diverse skin tones
  • Ultra high-resolution
  • Reconfigurable
  • 180+ combinations, over 30 unique packs in different style
  • Diverse accessories (smartwatch, hippie bracelet, bangles, henna, tattoo, and much more)
  • Source files: .BLEND, .PNG

Unity in Diversity

We are all born with our natural skin tone, the skin tone, shape, size or in that matter our rank in society has never defined us nor it ever will. We all need to understand that it is our actions that define us and nothing else. We need to teach ourselves to appreciate ourselves as well as everyone around us irrespective of their color, size, or any other differences.

Loads of accessories

These 3D hands are very easy to use and add the element of fun in your designs. These are actually ideal for whatever work you desire. So stay tuned to know more about these lovely creations.

Wide range of use

With 3D becoming the new trend in design, these hands illustrations are becoming very popular across different platforms. They add an element of interaction in the design. These are widely popular in Mobile applications but can be also used in videos, presentations, web pages, as well as emojis. With different accessories attached with hands you can play around it and let your usage imagination run wild!

So what you are waiting for? Download these fun 3D hands now and add that extra touch in your design.


Don't forget to check Iconscout to download from Millions of icons, illustrations, and stock photos. We have a huge collection of free icons, free illustrations, and 3D Assets for you.

We will bring another exciting list of designs for you next week. Till then Happy Designing!

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