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Web Line Icon Pack

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svg, png and 4 more
Compatible With
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Xd
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
Around, The, World, Aroundtheworld, Globe, Round, Travel
Type, Communication, Message, Text, Typing
Cut, Barber, Cutting, Edit, Tool
Document, Files, Folder, Page, Sheet
Information, About, Faq, Help, Info
Clipboard, Chart, Pie, Report, Statistics
Email, Chat, Inbox, Internet, Send, Letter, Envelope
Mouse, Click, Hardware, Input, Pointing
Save, Data, File, Floppy, Store
Cart, Market, Merchant, Basket, Shopping, Shop
Wifi, Internet, Network, Signal, Technology
Flag, Finish, Location, Nation, Pin
Globe, Earth, International, Planet, Worldwide
Calendar, Appointment, Month, Schedule, Timetable
Directories, Folder, Network, Office, Work
Chat, Comment, Sms, Talk, Typing
Print, Ink, Paper, Printing, Scanner
Refresh, Repeat, Rotate, Sync, Update
Find, Glass, Look, Magnifying, Search
Clock, Alarm, History, Time, Timepiece
Briefcase, Bag, Luggage, Office, Suitcase
Link, Chain, Connect, Network, Technology
Like, Finger, Goodluck, Hand, Swipe, Thumsup
Font, Alphabet, Letter, Sheet, Text
Documents, Document, File, Paper, Sheet
Users, Account, Group, Profile, Team
Shield, Antivirus, Protect, Safety, Security
Download, Arrow, Data, File, Storage
Rss, Feed, Aap, Blog, Communication, Online, Rssfeed
Valid, Approve, Checked, Done, Good
Stopwatch, Countdown, Speed, Timepiece, Watch
Folder, Data, Database, Documents, Storage
Lcd, Led, Multimedia, Screen, Vide
Email, Address, Internet, Online, Web
Upload, Arrows, Direction, Move, Up
Identity, Card, Calling, Credit, Payment
Sitemap, Communication, Internet, Media, Network
Trash, Bin, Dustbin, Empty, Remove
Statistics, Analysis, Graph, Growth, Pie
Settings, Cog, Configure, Options, Tool
Call, Center, Communication, Service, Telephone
Lock, Locked, Privacy, Protection, Safety
Star, Favourite, Like, Medal, Prize
Configure, Options, Spanner, Workshop, Wrench
Cancel, Close, Cross, Delete, Remove
Keyboard, Device, Hardware, Input, Keys
Bookmarked, Favorite, Like, Rating, Star
Send, Message, Chat, Comment, Communication, Mail
Home, Apartment, Architecture, House, Property
Data, Document, Folder, Paper, Storage


Web Line Icons For Personal And Commercial Use.

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IYIKON is passionate icon designer & loves creativity!

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Updated on December 8, 2016
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