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User Interface Vol 1 Icon Pack

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svg, png and 4 more
Compatible With
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Xd
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
Tag, Name, Tags, Badge, Badges, Ticket, Interface, UI
Tool, Twirltool, Twirl, Shape, Convert, Interface, UI
Scissors, Tool, Anchor, Ponits, Interface, UI
Tool, Toolkit, Kit, Bag, Ui, Interface
Tool, Shape, Square, Squaretool, Rectangle, Outline
Recording, Speech, Recognization, Voice, Recorder, Input
Tool, Shape, Polygon, Polygontool, Outline
Scaletool, Tool, Scale, Scaling, Reshape, Expand
Setting, Change, Set, Option, Interface, UI
Tool, Crystallized, Widthtool, Ui, Interface
Shield, Secure, Security, Privacy, Private, Protected
Speaker, Voice, Volume, Ui, Increase, Decrease, Headphone
Tool, Reshape, Reshapetool, Change, Shape
Shear, Transform, Change, Position, Angle, Rotate, Interface, UI
Speakers, Music, Electronic, Device, Peripheral, Woofer
Target, Shoot, Circle, Mission, Ui, Fix, Interface
Shopping, Cart, Bag, Shop, Shopcart, Tray, Favorite
Recording, Voice, Recognization, Speech, Audio, Record
Tool, Paint, Livepaint, Selection, Interface, UI
Round, Join, Corners, Line, Stroke, Interface, UI
Tool, Free, Transform, Selection, Select, Interface, UI
Reflect, Tool, Transform, Move, Interface, UI
Tool, Scallop, Interface, UI, Brush
Tool, Shape, Rounded, Rectangle, Square, Stroke
Shield, Battery, Indicator, Secure, Charge, Interface, UI
Shapebuilder, Tool, Shape, Build, Selection, Interface, UI
Square, User, Ui, Laptop, Screen, Windows
Tool, Paint, Brush, Interface, UI
Radio, Recoder, Fm, Device, Electronic, Tape, Interface, UI
Screen, Illusion, Circle, Square, Board, Interface, UI
Shop, Ecommerce, Online, Shopping, Selling, Store, Market
Search, Find, Ui, Magnify, Zoom, Interface
Slide, Toggle, Slider, On, Off, Interface, UI
Tool, Smoothtool, Pencil, Smooth, Interface, UI
Screen, Multiple, Handle, Window, Front, Back, Interface
Text, Tool, Transform, Transforming, Editing, Write, UI
Share, Sharing, Connect, Connecting, Interface, UI
Tool, Ui, Wrinkle, Widthtool, Interface, UI
Slide, Toggle, Slider, Off, On, Interface, UI
Round, Cap, Stroke, Adjustment, Line, Interface, UI
Tool, Menu, Pencil, Draw, Select, Interface, UI
Saw, Tool, Erase, Select, Remove, Knife, Interface, UI


User Interface Solid Icon Collection.

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Chameleon Design


Chameleon Design is passionate icon designer & loves creativity!

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Updated on August 8, 2016
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