100 Icons

User Interface Icon Pack

Pack ID
File Types
svg, png
Compatible With
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Xd
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
Battery Icon
battery Icon
Half battery Icon
half battery Icon
Low battery Icon
low battery Icon
Calendar Icon
calendar Icon
Add appointment Icon
add appointment Icon
Schedule appointment Icon
schedule appointment Icon
Volume Icon
volume Icon
Mute Icon
mute Icon
No volume Icon
no volume Icon
Computer Icon
computer Icon
Pound Icon
pound Icon
Rupee Icon
rupee Icon
Connected server Icon
connected server Icon
Delivered Icon
delivered Icon
Direction board Icon
direction board Icon
Map Icon
map Icon
Tool Icon
tool Icon
Add label Icon
add label Icon
End call Icon
end call Icon
Ecommerce Icon
ecommerce Icon
Receipt Icon
receipt Icon
Reject call Icon
reject call Icon
Track parcel Icon
track parcel Icon
Schedule delivery Icon
schedule delivery Icon
Scan barcode Icon
scan barcode Icon
Door to door delivery Icon
door to door delivery Icon
Open box Icon
open box Icon
Swipe machine Icon
swipe machine Icon
Hanging board Icon
hanging board Icon
Point of sale Icon
point of sale Icon
Cash Icon
cash Icon
Checkout Icon
checkout Icon
Delete items Icon
delete items Icon
Gift Icon
gift Icon
Paper Icon
paper Icon
Coins Icon
coins Icon
Credit card Icon
credit card Icon
Math Icon
math Icon
Moneybag Icon
moneybag Icon
Folder Icon
folder Icon
History Icon
history Icon
International Icon
international Icon
Approve Icon
approve Icon
Talk Icon
talk Icon
Tax Icon
tax Icon
Add Icon
add Icon
Minus Icon
minus Icon
Back arrow Icon
back arrow Icon
Next arrow Icon
next arrow Icon
Down arrow Icon
down arrow Icon
Up arrow Icon
up arrow Icon
Expand Icon
expand Icon
Open Icon
open Icon
Broken glass Icon
broken glass Icon
Email Icon
email Icon
Qrcode Icon
qrcode Icon
Badge Icon
badge Icon
Tablet Icon
tablet Icon
Antenna Icon
antenna Icon
Satelite Icon
satelite Icon
Cassette Icon
cassette Icon
Wall clock Icon
wall clock Icon
Walkie talkie Icon
walkie talkie Icon
Socket Icon
socket Icon
Piano Icon
piano Icon
Wireless Icon
wireless Icon
Keyboard Icon
keyboard Icon
Wireless mouse Icon
wireless mouse Icon
Audio jack Icon
audio jack Icon
Handheld game Icon
handheld game Icon
Integrated circuit Icon
integrated circuit Icon
Record Icon
record Icon
Reel Icon
reel Icon
Led Icon
led Icon
Speaker Icon
speaker Icon
Data Icon
data Icon
Memory card Icon
memory card Icon
Drone Icon
drone Icon
Hair dryer Icon
hair dryer Icon
Trimmer Icon
trimmer Icon
Lense Icon
lense Icon
Handycam Icon
handycam Icon
Camera Icon
camera Icon
Gopro Icon
gopro Icon
Boombox Icon
boombox Icon
Wacom Icon
wacom Icon
Ipod Icon
ipod Icon
Smartwatch Icon
smartwatch Icon
Game controller Icon
game controller Icon
Disk Icon
disk Icon
Telephone Icon
telephone Icon
Wireless controller Icon
wireless controller Icon
Usb Icon
usb Icon
Webcam Icon
webcam Icon
Graphic card Icon
graphic card Icon
Vr Icon
vr Icon
Radio Icon
radio Icon
Powerbank Icon
powerbank Icon
Save tag Icon
save tag Icon
Personal computer Icon
personal computer Icon


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Updated on October 18, 2019
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