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  • Adobe Xd
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
Paper, Scroll, Message, Letter
Person, Hike, Light, Skin, Tone, Walk, Walking
Postbox, Mail, Mailbox, Letter, Message
Ring, Ceremoney, Diamond, Emoji, Gem
Triangular, Flag, Post, Red, Temple
Video, Recorder, Device, Camera, Cinema, Movie
Water, Tape, Shower, Rain, Wash, Bath
Zzz, Comic, Sleep, Moodless
Comic, Bomb, Weapon, Light
Crown, Castle, Clothing, King, Queen
Diamond, Gem, Jewel, Stone
Doctor, Medicine, Sick, Pill
Door, Enterance, Red, Window, Close
Earbud, Headphone, Music, Record, Song
Fish, Pole, Water, See, Food, Rode
Flashlight, Electric, Light, Tool, Torch
Flower, White, Smell, Design, Decoration
Fuel, Fuelpump, Gas, Pump, Station
Karaoke, Mic, Microphone, Music
Kiss, Lips, Mark, Red, Love, Like, Sex
Lipstick, Cosmetics, Makeup
Memo, Pencil, Write, Paper, Document
Briefcase, Bag, Case, Office
Card, Index, Rolodex, Paper, Document
Bouquet, Flower, Smell, Decoration, Gift
Care, Cosmetics, Manicure, Medium, Light, Skin, Tone, Nail, Polish
Celebration, Cross, Crossed, Japanese
Chair, Seat, Furniture, Electric
Cigarette, Smoking, Danger, Helath, Smoke, Nikotin
Barber, Haircut, Pole, Circus
Clothing, Footprint, Print, Foot, Wear
Clothing, Hat, Top, Tophat
Bar, Japanese, Lantern, Light, Red
Collision, Spark, Cracker, Boom, Comic
Comic, Diamond, Geometric, Inside, Dot
Antenna, Dish, Satellite, Speaker, Radiation
Bag, Satchel, School, Backpack
Anchor, Emblem, Ship, Tool, Trident
Alarm, Clock, Time, Watch, Ringing, Ring
Balloon, Bubble, Comic, Dialog, Speech
Balloon, Bubble, Comic, Thought
Alien, Creature, Extraterrestrial, Face, Fairy, Tale, Fantasy, Monster, Ufo
Battery, Aid, Charging, Electric
Bulb, Inovation, Electric, Idea, Light
Bike, Bicycle, Cycle, Ride, Travel
Boat, Resort, Sea, Yacht, Sailboat
Cap, Celebration, Clothing, Graduation, Hat
Admission, Ticket, Passport, Document, Important
Angry, Comic, Mad, Anger, Symbol
Badge, Name, Design, Creative, Identity
Art, Museum, Painting, Palette
Banner, Celebration, Japanese, Tree, Festival
Bookmark, Mark, Marker, Tabs
Blu, Ray, Computer, Disk, Dvd, Optical
Radio, Video, Fm, Signal, Chanel
Ribbon, Celebration, Decoration, Decore, Sale, Offer
Toilet, Flush, Waste, Potty
Bath, Bathtub, Person, Man, Water
Megaphone, Cheering, Loud, Speaker, Marketing
Carp, Celebration, Streamer, Decoration
Christmas, Tree, Pine, Xmas, Celebration, Decoration
Computer, Disk, Floppy, Save
Golf, Hole, Flag, Garden
Bamboo, Celebration, Japanese, Pine, Decoration
Bell, Celebration, Chime, Wind, Decoration
Horn, Post, Postal, Music, Sound, Play, Trump
Hourglass, Sand, Timer, Flowing, Down
Hourglass, Sand, Timer, Flowing
Loud, Public, Address, Speaker, Branding, Marketing
News, Paper, Newspaper, Education
Nib, Black, Pen, Ink, Fountain, Write, Point
Ocean, Water, Wave, Sea, Tsunami
Pencil, Drawing, Sketch, Stationary
Blu, Ray, Computer, Disk, Dvd, Optical
Balloon, Celebration, Decoration
Celebration, Party, Popper, Tada, Decoration, Christmas
Books, Notebooks, Education, Study
Computer, Desktop, Hardware, Device, Pc
Clothing, Rain, Umbrella, Protection, Protect, Safe
Celebration, Doll, Festival, Japanese
Ball, Celebration, Confetti, Decoration, Christmas
Cd, Computer, Disk, Optical
Charge, Electric, Electricity, Plug, Device
Box, Celebration, Gift, Present, Wrapped
Bath, Bathtub, Person, Man, Bathing
Phone, Receiver, Telephone
Videocassette, Tap, Vhs, Video
Pushpin, Tag, Attch, Mark, Attach
Right, Pointing, Glass, Magnifying, Search, Tool
Bolt, Nut, Tool, Fit, Repair
Pager, Message, Communication
Clipboard, Note, Paper, Document
Ruler, Set, Triangle
Ruler, Straight, Edge
Scissors, Cutting, Tool
Spanner, Tool, Wrench, Repair
Tool, Hammer, Furniture
Telescope, Science, Tool, Device
Telephone, Phone, Communication, Call
Tv, Video, Television, Watch, See, Chanel
Video, Camera, Capture, Picture
Camera, Video, Capture, Image, Picture
Microscope, Science, Tool, Device
Cell, Mobile, Phone, Telephone
Chart, Down, Graph, Trend, Decrease
Bar, Chart, Graph, Column
Music, Sound, High, Volume
Chart, Graph, Growth, Trend, Upward
Email, Mail, Heart, Love, Letter
Gun, Handgun, Revolver, Tool, Weapon
Doctor, Medicine, Needle, Shot, Sick, Tool
Paperclip, Tag, Attch, Mark, Attach
Fax, Machine, Device, Communication, Connection
Date, Calender, Jul, July, Day
Pushpin, Tag, Attch, Mark, Attach
Left, Pointing, Glass, Magnifying, Search, Tool
Ink, Lock, Nib, Pen, Privacy
Arrow, Call, Cell, Mobile, Phone, Receive, Telephone
Mount, Fuji, Place, Hill, Station
Email, Letter, Envelope, Message


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Updated on November 15, 2016
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