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Travel Icon Pack

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Flyer, Card, World, Text, Travel
Human, Hands, Up, Circle
Man, Luggage, Leaving, Winking, Human, Baggage
Passport, Papers, Ticket, Travel
Baloon, Transport, Cloud, Air
Luggage, Check, Checkin, In, Human
Duty, Free, Bag, Purse, Purchase, Plane
Sail, Boat, Travel, Transport
Car, Parking, Transportation, Park
Police, Border, Checkpoint, Zoll, Check
Transfer, Plane, Fly, Flight, Connect
Wating, Room, Man, Clock, Time
Luggage, Baggage, Suitcase, Sorting
Checkin, Electronic, Click, Touch, Online
Police, Border, Passport, Papers, Chekpoint
Globe, Plane, Travel, Jet
Map, Scroll, Marker, Location, Travel
Online, Check, In, Luggage
Duty, Free, Bag, Purchase
Arrivals, Incomming, Arrive, In, Coming
Cruise, Ship, Transport, Sea, Liner, Ocean
Bus, And, Car, Travel, Transport, Public
Big, Plane, Arrows, Landing, Strip
Luggage, Checkpoint, Search, Investigate, Bagage
Information, Desk, Info, Human
Pc, Computer, Plane, Online, Booking
Person, Search, Scan, Check, Investigate
Boarding, Card, Ticket, Plane
Boarding, Departure, Human, Board
Globe, World, Wireframe, Earth
Full, Body, Scan, Human
Plane, Landing, Arrival, Travel, Flight, Aviation
Taxi, Stop, Cab, Car, Transport
Business, Flight, Luxury, Fly
Big, Plane, Long, Circle
Train, Travel, Transport, Rail
Bus, Station, Transport, Stop
Plane, Aviation, Travel, Flight
Boarding, Departures, Outgoing, Out, Going
Phone, Mobile, Plane, Online
Big, Plane, Long, Flight, Aviation
Plane, Takeoff, Departure, Travel, Flight
Plane, Circle, Flight, Aviation
Suitcase, Luggage, Bagage, Travel
Bus, Stop, Hub, Transport, Travel
Baggage, Luggage, Rail, Travel
Plane, Schedule, Clock, Time, Flying
Man, Luggage, Travel, Trolley
Bus, Shuttle, Vehicle, Travel, Transport
World, Globe, Location, Earth, Marker


Travel related icons form the Squared set.

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Cristian Bogdan Rosu


Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Icon Maker, Web Designer

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Updated on October 26, 2016
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