Travel Icon Pack

50 Icons
Pack ID: 64615
Download in svg, png and 5 more formats
Available in Glyph Style
Air Balloon  Icon

Air Balloon Icon

Airplane  Icon

Airplane Icon

Arrival  Icon

Arrival Icon

Backpack  Icon

Backpack Icon

Bag Trolley  Icon

Bag Trolley Icon

Beach Deck  Icon

Beach Deck Icon

Binocular  Icon

Binocular Icon

Briefcase  Icon

Briefcase Icon

Briefcase  Icon

Briefcase Icon

Bus  Icon

Bus Icon

Calendar  Icon

Calendar Icon

Camera  Icon

Camera Icon

Camp  Icon

Camp Icon

Camp  Icon

Camp Icon

Campfire  Icon

Campfire Icon

Car  Icon

Car Icon

City  Icon

City Icon

Compass  Icon

Compass Icon

Currency Exchange  Icon

Currency Exchange Icon

Departure  Icon

Departure Icon

Direction Board  Icon

Direction Board Icon

Footstep  Icon

Footstep Icon

Forest  Icon

Forest Icon

Fork And Spoon  Icon

Fork And Spoon Icon

Global  Icon

Global Icon

Hotel  Icon

Hotel Icon

Ice Skating  Icon

Ice Skating Icon

Lantern  Icon

Lantern Icon

Luggage  Icon

Luggage Icon

Map  Icon

Map Icon

Money  Icon

Money Icon

Mountain  Icon

Mountain Icon

Museum  Icon

Museum Icon

Navigation  Icon

Navigation Icon

Passport  Icon

Passport Icon

Placholder  Icon

Placholder Icon

Route  Icon

Route Icon

Scuba Mask  Icon

Scuba Mask Icon

Ship  Icon

Ship Icon

Sun Screen  Icon

Sun Screen Icon

Sunglasses  Icon

Sunglasses Icon

Surfboard  Icon

Surfboard Icon

Tent  Icon

Tent Icon

Theme Park  Icon

Theme Park Icon

To Do  Icon

To Do Icon

Train  Icon

Train Icon

Train  Icon

Train Icon

Train  Icon

Train Icon

Travel Ticket  Icon

Travel Ticket Icon

Travel Van  Icon

Travel Van Icon

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