120 Icons

Travel Icon Pack

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File Types
svg, png
Compatible With
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Xd
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
Pin Icon
pin Icon
Photo Icon
photo Icon
Petrol Icon
petrol Icon
Passport Icon
passport Icon
Parking Icon
parking Icon
Park Icon
park Icon
Palm Icon
palm Icon
Notification Icon
notification Icon
Mountain Icon
mountain Icon
Mini Icon
mini Icon
Martini Icon
martini Icon
Marine Icon
marine Icon
Map Icon
map Icon
Map Icon
map Icon
Luggages Icon
luggages Icon
Luggage Icon
luggage Icon
Love Icon
love Icon
Location Icon
location Icon
Living Icon
living Icon
Lifesaver Icon
lifesaver Icon
Left Icon
left Icon
Lantern Icon
lantern Icon
Landing Icon
landing Icon
Knife Icon
knife Icon
Icecream Icon
icecream Icon
Hotel Icon
hotel Icon
Heart Icon
heart Icon
Handle Icon
handle Icon
Half Icon
half Icon
Grill Icon
grill Icon
Globe Icon
globe Icon
Geyser Icon
geyser Icon
Geography Icon
geography Icon
Fork Icon
fork Icon
Food Icon
food Icon
Flight Icon
flight Icon
Fins Icon
fins Icon
Elevator Icon
elevator Icon
Earth Icon
earth Icon
Dslr Icon
dslr Icon
Double Icon
double Icon
Door Icon
door Icon
Diving Icon
diving Icon
Disturb Icon
disturb Icon
Dish Icon
dish Icon
Direction Icon
direction Icon
Cycle Icon
cycle Icon
Cruise Icon
cruise Icon
Compass Icon
compass Icon
Cocktail Icon
cocktail Icon
Cloudy Icon
cloudy Icon
Cloud Icon
cloud Icon
Church Icon
church Icon
Chart Icon
chart Icon
Chappal Icon
chappal Icon
Cctv Icon
cctv Icon
Card Icon
card Icon
Car Icon
car Icon
Car Icon
car Icon
Camp Icon
camp Icon
Camera Icon
camera Icon
Calendar Icon
calendar Icon
Bus Icon
bus Icon
Burger Icon
burger Icon
Bottle Icon
bottle Icon
Bonfire Icon
bonfire Icon
Boat Icon
boat Icon
Board Icon
board Icon
Birthday Icon
birthday Icon
Binocular Icon
binocular Icon
Bikini Icon
bikini Icon
Beer Icon
beer Icon
Bed Icon
bed Icon
Bathtub Icon
bathtub Icon
Bag Icon
bag Icon
Backpack Icon
backpack Icon
Anchor Icon
anchor Icon
Air balloon Icon
air balloon Icon
Aeroplane Icon
aeroplane Icon
Ac Icon
ac Icon
Wild knife Icon
wild knife Icon
Wifi Icon
wifi Icon
Washing machine Icon
washing machine Icon
Wallet Icon
wallet Icon
User Icon
user Icon
Umbrella Icon
umbrella Icon
Tv Icon
tv Icon
Trolly Icon
trolly Icon
Tree Icon
tree Icon
Travellers Icon
travellers Icon
Train Icon
train Icon
Traffic Icon
traffic Icon
Towel Icon
towel Icon
Ticket Icon
ticket Icon
Tent Icon
tent Icon
Temperature Icon
temperature Icon
Taxi Icon
taxi Icon
Take off Icon
take off Icon
Surfing board Icon
surfing board Icon
Sunset Icon
sunset Icon
Sunglass Icon
sunglass Icon
Sunbed Icon
sunbed Icon
Sun Icon
sun Icon
Suitcase Icon
suitcase Icon
Star Icon
star Icon
Spoon Icon
spoon Icon
Speaker Icon
speaker Icon
Spa Icon
spa Icon
Sim card Icon
sim card Icon
Ship Icon
ship Icon
Sedan Icon
sedan Icon
Sea Icon
sea Icon
Ropeway Icon
ropeway Icon
Direction board Icon
direction board Icon
Return Icon
return Icon
Refrigerator Icon
refrigerator Icon
Reception bell Icon
reception bell Icon
Rain Icon
rain Icon
Pool Icon
pool Icon
Plane Icon
plane Icon

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