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Minimalistic And Simple Looking Ui

Minimalistic And Simple Looking Ui Icon Pack

100 Icons
Pack ID: 131528
Download in svg, png and 5 more formats
Available in Gradient Style
Accept button  Icon

Accept Button Icon

Add bookmark  Icon

Add Bookmark Icon

Add button  Icon

Add Button Icon

Add new contact  Icon

Add New Contact Icon

Arrow left button  Icon

Arrow Left Button Icon

Arrow right button  Icon

Arrow Right Button Icon

At sign  Icon

At Sign Icon

Audio settings  Icon

Audio Settings Icon

Bento like menu  Icon

Bento Like Menu Icon

Calendar  Icon

Calendar Icon

Change ringer volume  Icon

Change Ringer Volume Icon

Check mark  Icon

Check Mark Icon

Circular shaped exclamation mark  Icon

Circular Shaped Exclamation Mark Icon

Clock  Icon

Clock Icon

Cloud computing  Icon

Cloud Computing Icon

Comment  Icon

Comment Icon

Contact  Icon

Contact Icon

Contact under protection  Icon

Contact Under Protection Icon

Cross mark  Icon

Cross Mark Icon

Decline phone call  Icon

Decline Phone Call Icon

Delete button  Icon

Delete Button Icon

Delete contact  Icon

Delete Contact Icon

Download file  Icon

Download File Icon

Enlarge  Icon

Enlarge Icon

Everything is secured  Icon

Everything Is Secured Icon

Exit full screen  Icon

Exit Full Screen Icon

Expand  Icon

Expand Icon

Export data  Icon

Export Data Icon

Failure occurred  Icon

Failure Occurred Icon

Fast forward button  Icon

Fast Forward Button Icon

Fast reverse button  Icon

Fast Reverse Button Icon

File  Icon

File Icon

Folder  Icon

Folder Icon

Full screen  Icon

Full Screen Icon

Global network  Icon

Global Network Icon

Group of contacts  Icon

Group Of Contacts Icon

Hamburger like menu  Icon

Hamburger Like Menu Icon

Heart  Icon

Heart Icon

Hidden private  Icon

Hidden Private Icon

Home  Icon

Home Icon

Horizontal adjust  Icon

Horizontal Adjust Icon

Incoming call  Icon

Incoming Call Icon

Info  Icon

Info Icon

Leave note  Icon

Leave Note Icon

Left arrow  Icon

Left Arrow Icon

Left double arrow  Icon

Left Double Arrow Icon

Leftwards arrow  Icon

Leftwards Arrow Icon

Light mode  Icon

Light Mode Icon

Loading indicator  Icon

Loading Indicator Icon

Location pin  Icon

Location Pin Icon

Locked padlock  Icon

Locked Padlock Icon

Magnifying glass  Icon

Magnifying Glass Icon

Microphone  Icon

Microphone Icon

Minus  Icon

Minus Icon

Night mode  Icon

Night Mode Icon

Note taking  Icon

Note Taking Icon

Notifications  Icon

Notifications Icon

Pause button  Icon

Pause Button Icon

Period of time  Icon

Period Of Time Icon

Play button  Icon

Play Button Icon

Plus  Icon

Plus Icon

Question mark  Icon

Question Mark Icon

Remove button  Icon

Remove Button Icon

Remove contact  Icon

Remove Contact Icon

Repeat  Icon

Repeat Icon

Resize  Icon

Resize Icon

Resources and links  Icon

Resources And Links Icon

Right arrow  Icon

Right Arrow Icon

Right double arrow  Icon

Right Double Arrow Icon

Rightwards arrow  Icon

Rightwards Arrow Icon

Round pushpin  Icon

Round Pushpin Icon

Saving changed information of contact  Icon

Saving Changed Information Of Contact Icon

Security shield  Icon

Security Shield Icon

Security threat  Icon

Security Threat Icon

Seen  Icon

Seen Icon

Select contact photo  Icon

Select Contact Photo Icon

Settings gear  Icon

Settings Gear Icon

Share  Icon

Share Icon

Sharing post  Icon

Sharing Post Icon

Silent notifications  Icon

Silent Notifications Icon

Simple flag for report  Icon

Simple Flag For Report Icon

Skip next button  Icon

Skip Next Button Icon

Skip previous button  Icon

Skip Previous Button Icon

Star  Icon

Star Icon

Stop button  Icon

Stop Button Icon

Switch on and off buttons  Icon

Switch On And Off Buttons Icon

Synchronization  Icon

Synchronization Icon

Telephone  Icon

Telephone Icon

Three horizontal dots menu  Icon

Three Horizontal Dots Menu Icon

Three vertical dots menu  Icon

Three Vertical Dots Menu Icon

Toggle button  Icon

Toggle Button Icon

Transfer contact  Icon

Transfer Contact Icon

Trash can  Icon

Trash Can Icon

Triangle shaped  Icon

Triangle Shaped Icon

Turn  Icon

Turn Icon

Turn off sound  Icon

Turn Off Sound Icon

Unlocked padlock  Icon

Unlocked Padlock Icon

Unread message  Icon

Unread Message Icon

Upload to cloud  Icon

Upload To Cloud Icon

Vertical adjustment  Icon

Vertical Adjustment Icon

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