Messenger Application

Messenger Application Icon Pack

100 Icons
Pack ID: 143726
Download in svg, png and 5 more formats
Available in Gradient Style
Add new contact  Icon

Add New Contact Icon

Add to folder  Icon

Add To Folder Icon

Add user  Icon

Add User Icon

Attached message  Icon

Attached Message Icon

Brightness  Icon

Brightness Icon

Broom  Icon

Broom Icon

Bullhorn  Icon

Bullhorn Icon

Calendar  Icon

Calendar Icon

Call ended  Icon

Call Ended Icon

Camera  Icon

Camera Icon

Checklist  Icon

Checklist Icon

Checkmark  Icon

Checkmark Icon

Copy  Icon

Copy Icon

Data and storage management  Icon

Data And Storage Management Icon

Decline call  Icon

Decline Call Icon

Delete  Icon

Delete Icon

Delete contact  Icon

Delete Contact Icon

Delete from folder  Icon

Delete From Folder Icon

Devices  Icon

Devices Icon

Double checkmark  Icon

Double Checkmark Icon

Download  Icon

Download Icon

Ellipsis menu  Icon

Ellipsis Menu Icon

Emoticon  Icon

Emoticon Icon

Exclamation mark  Icon

Exclamation Mark Icon

Eye  Icon

Eye Icon

FAQ  Icon

FAQ Icon

File  Icon

File Icon

Folder  Icon

Folder Icon

Forward arrow  Icon

Forward Arrow Icon

GIF  Icon

GIF Icon

Globe  Icon

Globe Icon

Hamburger menu  Icon

Hamburger Menu Icon

Home page  Icon

Home Page Icon

Hyperlink  Icon

Hyperlink Icon

Image  Icon

Image Icon

Information  Icon

Information Icon

Keyboard  Icon

Keyboard Icon

Lightning bolt  Icon

Lightning Bolt Icon

Like  Icon

Like Icon

List and checkmark  Icon

List And Checkmark Icon

Location pin  Icon

Location Pin Icon

Login  Icon

Login Icon

Logout  Icon

Logout Icon

Magnifying glass  Icon

Magnifying Glass Icon

Menu notification  Icon

Menu Notification Icon

Messenger features  Icon

Messenger Features Icon

Microphone  Icon

Microphone Icon

Minus  Icon

Minus Icon

Move back  Icon

Move Back Icon

Move downward  Icon

Move Downward Icon

Move forward  Icon

Move Forward Icon

Move upward  Icon

Move Upward Icon

Musical notes  Icon

Musical Notes Icon

Mute notification sound  Icon

Mute Notification Sound Icon

Mute sound  Icon

Mute Sound Icon

New message  Icon

New Message Icon

Notification  Icon

Notification Icon

Outgoing call  Icon

Outgoing Call Icon

Padlock  Icon

Padlock Icon

Paperclip  Icon

Paperclip Icon

Pause  Icon

Pause Icon

Payment card  Icon

Payment Card Icon

Pencil and plus  Icon

Pencil And Plus Icon

Pencil pixel perfect  Icon

Pencil Pixel Perfect Icon

Pin  Icon

Pin Icon

Play  Icon

Play Icon

Plus  Icon

Plus Icon

Remove user  Icon

Remove User Icon

Repeat  Icon

Repeat Icon

Reply  Icon

Reply Icon

Reply arrow  Icon

Reply Arrow Icon

Saved messages  Icon

Saved Messages Icon

Scroll down  Icon

Scroll Down Icon

Scroll to bottom  Icon

Scroll To Bottom Icon

Scroll up  Icon

Scroll Up Icon

Select all items  Icon

Select All Items Icon

Send message  Icon

Send Message Icon

Settings  Icon

Settings Icon

Settings notification  Icon

Settings Notification Icon

Share  Icon

Share Icon

Share and repost  Icon

Share And Repost Icon

Silent mode  Icon

Silent Mode Icon

Skip to end  Icon

Skip To End Icon

Skip to start  Icon

Skip To Start Icon

Sleep mode  Icon

Sleep Mode Icon

Social network group  Icon

Social Network Group Icon

Speech box  Icon

Speech Box Icon

Star  Icon

Star Icon

Sticker  Icon

Sticker Icon

Stop sign  Icon

Stop Sign Icon

Switch off  Icon

Switch Off Icon

Switch on  Icon

Switch On Icon

Turn off camera  Icon

Turn Off Camera Icon

Turn off microphone  Icon

Turn Off Microphone Icon

Typing message  Icon

Typing Message Icon

Upload  Icon

Upload Icon

User  Icon

User Icon

Vertical picture  Icon

Vertical Picture Icon

Video call  Icon

Video Call Icon

Volume  Icon

Volume Icon

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