Medical Icon Pack

40 Icons
Pack ID: 60982
Download in svg, png and 5 more formats
Available in Line Style
Ambulance  Icon

Ambulance Icon

Bandage  Icon

Bandage Icon

Blood Donation  Icon

Blood Donation Icon

Bone  Icon

Bone Icon

Brain  Icon

Brain Icon

Cancer Ribbon  Icon

Cancer Ribbon Icon

Crutches  Icon

Crutches Icon

Dna  Icon

Dna Icon

Ear  Icon

Ear Icon

Eye  Icon

Eye Icon

Female  Icon

Female Icon

First Aid Kit  Icon

First Aid Kit Icon

First Aid Kit  Icon

First Aid Kit Icon

Flask  Icon

Flask Icon

Healthcare  Icon

Healthcare Icon

Heart  Icon

Heart Icon

Heart Rate  Icon

Heart Rate Icon

Heartrate Monitoring  Icon

Heartrate Monitoring Icon

Hospital  Icon

Hospital Icon

Hospital Bed  Icon

Hospital Bed Icon

Infusion  Icon

Infusion Icon

Injection  Icon

Injection Icon

Lungs  Icon

Lungs Icon

Male  Icon

Male Icon

Medical  Icon

Medical Icon

Medical Report  Icon

Medical Report Icon

Microscope  Icon

Microscope Icon

Negative Blood  Icon

Negative Blood Icon

Pill  Icon

Pill Icon

Positive Blood  Icon

Positive Blood Icon

Stethoscope  Icon

Stethoscope Icon

Tablets  Icon

Tablets Icon

Test Tube  Icon

Test Tube Icon

Test Tube  Icon

Test Tube Icon

Thermometer  Icon

Thermometer Icon

Thermometer  Icon

Thermometer Icon

Tooth  Icon

Tooth Icon

Virus  Icon

Virus Icon

Weight Scale  Icon

Weight Scale Icon

Wheelchair  Icon

Wheelchair Icon

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