50 Icons

Labor Day Icon Pack

Pack ID: 37297
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Available in Colored Outline Style
Barbeque Grill Icon
Brick Hammer Icon
Bump Cutter Icon
Chisel Icon
Circular Saw Icon
Civil Engineering Icon
Concrete Hammer Icon
Concrete Mixer Icon
Construction Icon
Construction Cone Icon
Construction Jacket Icon
Crowbar Icon
Cutting Grinder Icon
Cutting Grinder Icon
Digging Tools Icon
Drill Machine Icon
Drill Machine Icon
Hammer Icon
Hand Saw Icon
Hand Saw Icon
Happy Labor Day Icon
Hard Hat Icon
House Icon
Jackhammer Icon
Labor Icon
Labor Day Badge Icon
Labour Day Icon
Ledder Icon
Leveler Tool Icon
Mallet Icon
Measurement Wheel Icon
Mechanic Icon
Nails Icon
Paint Brush Icon
Paint Roller Icon
Pencil Icon
Plumb Bob Icon
Putty Knife Icon
Road Barrier Icon
Safety Gloves Icon
Screwdriver Icon
Shovel Icon
Sledge Hammer Icon
Spanner Icon
Stop Sign Icon
Tape Measure Icon
Tool Box Icon
Trowel Icon
Wheelbarrow Icon
Working Hours Icon

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