UI Icon Pack

48 Icons
Pack ID: 51346
Download in svg, png and 5 more formats
Available in Gradient Style
Apps  Icon

Apps Icon

Attention  Icon

Attention Icon

Burger  Icon

Burger Icon

Bus  Icon

Bus Icon

Busket  Icon

Busket Icon

Calculator  Icon

Calculator Icon

Calculator  Icon

Calculator Icon

Calendar  Icon

Calendar Icon

Car  Icon

Car Icon

Credit Card  Icon

Credit Card Icon

Cash  Icon

Cash Icon

Crown  Icon

Crown Icon

Trophy  Icon

Trophy Icon

Flag  Icon

Flag Icon

Flower Pot  Icon

Flower Pot Icon

Folder  Icon

Folder Icon

Joystick  Icon

Joystick Icon

Gift  Icon

Gift Icon

Table Globe  Icon

Table Globe Icon

Home  Icon

Home Icon

Hourglass  Icon

Hourglass Icon

Label  Icon

Label Icon

Location  Icon

Location Icon

Lock  Icon

Lock Icon

Mail  Icon

Mail Icon

Man  Icon

Man Icon

Market  Icon

Market Icon

Mic  Icon

Mic Icon

Laptop  Icon

Laptop Icon

Notes  Icon

Notes Icon

Open Mail  Icon

Open Mail Icon

Box  Icon

Box Icon

Camera  Icon

Camera Icon

Pie Chart  Icon

Pie Chart Icon

Portfolio  Icon

Portfolio Icon

Purse  Icon

Purse Icon

Rating  Icon

Rating Icon

Safety  Icon

Safety Icon

Discount  Icon

Discount Icon

Search  Icon

Search Icon

Star  Icon

Star Icon

T Shirt  Icon

T Shirt Icon

Target  Icon

Target Icon

Trash  Icon

Trash Icon

Tv  Icon

Tv Icon

Video Camera  Icon

Video Camera Icon

Virtual Reality  Icon

Virtual Reality Icon

Woman  Icon

Woman Icon

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