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Fruits Icon Pack

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svg, png
Compatible With
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Xd
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
Banana Icon
banana Icon
Apricot Icon
apricot Icon
Apple Icon
apple Icon
Acorn Icon
acorn Icon
Watermelon Icon
watermelon Icon
Tomato Icon
tomato Icon
Tamarind Icon
tamarind Icon
Tamarillo Icon
tamarillo Icon
Surinam cherry Icon
surinam cherry Icon
Sugarcane Icon
sugarcane Icon
Strawberry Icon
strawberry Icon
Star fruit Icon
star fruit Icon
Roseapple Icon
roseapple Icon
Rambutan Icon
rambutan Icon
Quince Icon
quince Icon
Pumpkin Icon
pumpkin Icon
Pomegranate Icon
pomegranate Icon
Plum Icon
plum Icon
Pineapple Icon
pineapple Icon
Pear Icon
pear Icon
Passion fruit Icon
passion fruit Icon
Papaya Icon
papaya Icon
Palmyra Icon
palmyra Icon
Orange Icon
orange Icon
Muskmelon Icon
muskmelon Icon
Mangosteen Icon
mangosteen Icon
Mango Icon
mango Icon
Lychee Icon
lychee Icon
Longan Icon
longan Icon
Lemon Icon
lemon Icon
Kumquat Icon
kumquat Icon
Kiwi Icon
kiwi Icon
Jujube Icon
jujube Icon
Jambul Icon
jambul Icon
Jack fruit Icon
jack fruit Icon
Jabuticaba Icon
jabuticaba Icon
Guava Icon
guava Icon
Grapes Icon
grapes Icon
Gooseberry Icon
gooseberry Icon
Fig Icon
fig Icon
Durian Icon
durian Icon
Dragon fruit Icon
dragon fruit Icon
Date fruit Icon
date fruit Icon
Custardapple Icon
custardapple Icon
Cucumber Icon
cucumber Icon
Coconut Icon
coconut Icon
Sapodilla Icon
Sapodilla Icon
Cherry Icon
cherry Icon
Blackberry Icon
blackberry Icon
Avocado Icon
avocado Icon
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Updated on May 17, 2019
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