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Free Glyph Christmas Icons Icon Pack

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Rudolf, Deer, Christmas, Animal, Xmas
Santa, Hat, Christmas, Xmas, Holiday, Celebration, Winter
Santa, Bag, Christmas
Ornament, Ball, Christmas, Decoration
Santa, Bag, Christmas, Snowflake
Wreath, Christmas, Ornament, Decoration
Santa, Claus, Christmas, Winter, Xmas, Celebration, Holiday
Fireplace, Christmas, Family, Warm, Home, Light, Fire
Candy, Stick, Christmas, Sweet
Santa, Slide, Christmas
Snowbulb, Christmas, Winter, Decoration, Toy, Play
Snowflake, Christmas, Winter, Snow, Weather, Cold
Star, Christmas, Bethlehem, Decoraton, Ornament
Star, Christmas, Bethlehem, Decoration, Ornament
Snowman, Christmas, Winter, Game
Xmas, Shopping, Christmas, Bag, Buy
Christmas, Light, Decoration, Xmas, Holiday
Xmas, Socks, Christmas, Decoration, Holiday
Xmas, Tag, Christmas, Buy, Shopping, Sell, Price
Ornament, Christmas, Xmas, Holiday, Decoration
Mistletoe, Christmas, Xmas, Decoration
Present, Box, Christmas, Gift, Birthday
Bell, Christmas, Sound
Bow, Gift, Present, Christmas
Candy, Sweet, Christmas
Candy, Stick, Christmas, Sweet
Christmas, Tree, Decoration, Xmas, Star
Cake, Christmas, Donut, Cookie, Bite, Sweet
Gingerbread, Cookie, Christmas, Sweet
Christmas, Date, Calendar, December


Free Pixel perfect Christmas Icons for personal or commercial use.

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Alpár - Etele Méder


Those Icons is an ever growing icon set, done to be pixel perfect for crisp and sharp view on every screen size! We love to be simple and obvious, for best UX.

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Updated on November 28, 2016
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