File Format

File Format Icon Pack

50 Icons
Pack ID: 36031
Download in svg, png and 5 more formats
Available in Colored Outline Style
3Gp  Icon

3 Gp Icon

Ai  Icon

Ai Icon

Apk  Icon

Apk Icon

Avi  Icon

Avi Icon

Bin  Icon

Bin Icon

Blank  Icon

Blank Icon

Bmp  Icon

Bmp Icon

Cad  Icon

Cad Icon

Cdr  Icon

Cdr Icon

Css  Icon

Css Icon

Csv  Icon

Csv Icon

Dat  Icon

Dat Icon

Dll  Icon

Dll Icon

Doc  Icon

Doc Icon

Document  Icon

Document Icon

Dwg  Icon

Dwg Icon

Eps  Icon

Eps Icon

Epub  Icon

Epub Icon

Exe  Icon

Exe Icon

Free Fb2  Icon

Fb 2 Icon

Fla  Icon

Fla Icon

Gif  Icon

Gif Icon

Htm  Icon

Htm Icon

Html  Icon

Html Icon

Indd  Icon

Indd Icon

Ipa  Icon

Ipa Icon

Free Jpg  Icon

Jpg Icon

Lnk  Icon

Lnk Icon

M4v  Icon

M 4V Icon

Mdb  Icon

Mdb Icon

Mov  Icon

Mov Icon

Mp3  Icon

Mp 3 Icon

Free Mpg  Icon

Mpg Icon

New  Icon

New Icon

Free Pdf  Icon

Pdf Icon

Php  Icon

Php Icon

Ppt  Icon

Ppt Icon

Psd  Icon

Psd Icon

Rar  Icon

Rar Icon

Raw  Icon

Raw Icon

Sql  Icon

Sql Icon

Svg  Icon

Svg Icon

Tif  Icon

Tif Icon

Ttf  Icon

Ttf Icon

Txt  Icon

Txt Icon

Waf  Icon

Waf Icon

Xls  Icon

Xls Icon

Xml  Icon

Xml Icon

Zip  Icon

Zip Icon

Zip  Icon

Zip Icon

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