74 Icons

Editor Icon Pack

Pack ID: 35055
Download in svg, png formats
Available in Colored Outline Style
Add Comment Icon
Attach File Icon
Attach Money Icon
Bar Chart Icon
Border All Icon
Border Bottom Icon
Border Clear Icon
Border Color Icon
Border Horizontal Icon
Border Inner Icon
Border Left Icon
Border Outer Icon
Border Right Icon
Border Style Icon
Border Top Icon
Border Vertical Icon
Bubble Chart Icon
Drag Handle Icon
Format Align Center Icon
Format Align Justify Icon
Format Align Left Icon
Format Align Right Icon
Format Bold Icon
Format Clear Icon
Format Color Fill Icon
Format Color Reset Icon
Format Color Text Icon
Format Indent Decrease Icon
Format Indent Increase Icon
Format Italic Icon
Format Line Spacing Icon
Format List Bulleted Icon
Format List Numbered Icon
Format List Numbered Rtl Icon
Format Paint Icon
Format Quote Icon
Format Shapes Icon
Format Size Icon
Format Strikethrough Icon
Format Textdirection L To R Icon
Format Textdirection R To L Icon
Format Underlined Icon
Functions Icon
Highlight Icon
Insert Chart Icon
Insert Chart D Icon
Insert Comment Icon
Insert Drive File Icon
Insert Emot Icon
Insert Invitation Icon
Insert Link Icon
Insert Photo Icon
Linear Scale Icon
Merge Type Icon
Mode Comment Icon
Monetization On Icon
Money Off Icon
Multiline Chart Icon
Notes Icon
Pie Chart Icon
Publish Icon
Scatter Plot Icon
Score Icon
Short Text Icon
Show Chart Icon
Space Bar Icon
Strikethrough S Icon
Table Chart Icon
Text Fields Icon
Title Icon
Vertical Align Bottom Icon
Vertical Align Center Icon
Vertical Align Top Icon
Wrap Text Icon

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