48 Icons

Content Icon Pack

Pack ID: 35178
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Available in Glyph Style
Add Icon
Add Box Icon
Add Circle Icon
Add Circle Icon
Archive Icon
Backspace Icon
Ballot Icon
Block Icon
Clear Icon
Create Icon
Delete Sweep Icon
Drafts Icon
File Copy Icon
Filter List Icon
Flag Icon
Font Download Icon
Forward Icon
Gesture Icon
How To Reg Icon
How To Vote Icon
Inbox Icon
Link Icon
Link Off Icon
Low Priority Icon
Mail Icon
Markunread Icon
Move To Inbox Icon
Next Week Icon
Outlined Flag Icon
Redo Icon
Remove Icon
Remove Circle Icon
Remove Circle Icon
Reply Icon
Reply All Icon
Report Icon
Report Off Icon
Save Icon
Save Icon
Select All Icon
Send Icon
Sort Icon
Text Format Icon
Unarchive Icon
Undo Icon
Waves Icon
Weekend Icon
Where To Vote Icon

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