City Icon Pack

40 Icons
Pack ID: 75878
Download in svg, png and 5 more formats
Available in Glyph Style
Free Airplane  Icon

Airplane Icon

Airport  Icon

Airport Icon

Apartment  Icon

Apartment Icon

Baby stroller  Icon

Baby Stroller Icon

Bike  Icon

Bike Icon

Free Billboard  Icon

Billboard Icon

Building  Icon

Building Icon

Bus  Icon

Bus Icon

Bus station  Icon

Bus Station Icon

Bus stop  Icon

Bus Stop Icon

Cafe sidewalk  Icon

Cafe Sidewalk Icon

Cctv  Icon

Cctv Icon

City map  Icon

City Map Icon

Clock tower  Icon

Clock Tower Icon

Crosswalk  Icon

Crosswalk Icon

Direction  Icon

Direction Icon

Fountain  Icon

Fountain Icon

Government  Icon

Government Icon

Government  Icon

Government Icon

Gym  Icon

Gym Icon

Home address  Icon

Home Address Icon

Hospital  Icon

Hospital Icon

Hydrant  Icon

Hydrant Icon

Lake  Icon

Lake Icon

Free Map location  Icon

Map Location Icon

Menu board  Icon

Menu Board Icon

Park  Icon

Park Icon

Payphone  Icon

Payphone Icon

Pickup  Icon

Pickup Icon

Pin location  Icon

Pin Location Icon

Police station  Icon

Police Station Icon

Prison  Icon

Prison Icon

Smart city  Icon

Smart City Icon

Solar panel  Icon

Solar Panel Icon

Street light  Icon

Street Light Icon

Street vendors  Icon

Street Vendors Icon

Taxi  Icon

Taxi Icon

Traffic light  Icon

Traffic Light Icon

Trash can  Icon

Trash Can Icon

University  Icon

University Icon

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