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Cafe & Restaurant Icon Pack

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Wine, Glass, Alcohol, Drink, Whiesky
Plate, Fork, Knife, Cutlery, Restaurant, Service, Serve
Restaurant, Sign, Board, Location
Bowl, Stick, Noodles, Chinese, Food
No, Smoking, Sign, Smoke, Sigar
Waiter, Service, Restaurant, Captain
Bottle, And, Glass, Wine, Vodka, Drink, Alcohol, Whiskey
Fork, Knife, Crossed, Restaurant, Serve
Oven, Hot, Cook, Cooking, Food
French, Fries, Snacks, Fastfood, Food, Potato, Chips
Food, Delivery, Truck, Transport, Vehicle
Desert, Cake, Sweet, Food, Bakery, Cafe
Fork, Knife, Cutlery, Restaurant, Service, Serve
Sauce, Pan, Cook, Cooking, Utensile
Fork, Knife, And, Spoon, Cutlery, Restaurant, Service, Serve
Restaurant, Member, Card, Discount, Offer, Premium, Dustomer
Smoking, Sign, Smoke, Sigar
Tipping, Servent, Charge, Happy, Tip, Box
Pizza, Fastfood, Food, Restaurant, Italian
Plate, Cutlery, Restaurant, Service, Serve
Cloche, Covering, Hot, Food, Serve, Tray
Fries, Burger, Potato, Chips, Fastfood, Snack
Coffee, Mug, Starbucks, Drink, Beverages, Cup
Hot, Soup, Bowl, Food, Liquid
Cocktail, Juice, Drink, Glass, Blue, Lagoon
Menu, Restaurant, Food, Eat, Price, Item
Bar, Sign, Beer, Glass, Child, Restaurant
Chef, Cook, R, Restaurant, Serve, Cooking
Chefs, Hat, Cap, Service, Cook, Cooking, Restaurant
Beer, Glass, Child, Cold, Drink, Bar, Alcohol


Cafe & Restaurant Icon Collection.

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Updated on December 14, 2016
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