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Business Icon Pack

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svg, png
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  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Xd
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
Idea generation Icon
idea generation Icon
Head hunting Icon
head hunting Icon
Growth Icon
growth Icon
Growth hacking Icon
growth hacking Icon
Growing business Icon
growing business Icon
Global progress Icon
global progress Icon
Getting fired Icon
getting fired Icon
Get on top Icon
get on top Icon
Funds protection Icon
funds protection Icon
Employee cost Icon
employee cost Icon
Deal agreement Icon
deal agreement Icon
Deadline Icon
deadline Icon
Data analysis Icon
data analysis Icon
Customer service Icon
customer service Icon
Customer retention Icon
customer retention Icon
Csr Icon
csr Icon
Consulting Icon
consulting Icon
Conflict of interest Icon
conflict of interest Icon
Commissions Icon
commissions Icon
Coffee break Icon
coffee break Icon
Challenge Icon
challenge Icon
Celebration Icon
celebration Icon
Career advancement Icon
career advancement Icon
Business travel Icon
business travel Icon
Business opportunity Icon
business opportunity Icon
Business case Icon
business case Icon
Budget balance Icon
budget balance Icon
Budget accounting Icon
budget accounting Icon
Brainstorming Icon
brainstorming Icon
Approved Icon
approved Icon
Annual report Icon
annual report Icon
Achieving goals Icon
achieving goals Icon
Abilities Icon
abilities Icon
Workgroup Icon
workgroup Icon
Workforce Icon
workforce Icon
Vision Icon
vision Icon
Video conference-webminar Icon
video conference-webminar Icon
Training Icon
training Icon
Technical advantage Icon
technical advantage Icon
Teamwork Icon
teamwork Icon
Team skill Icon
team skill Icon
Team leader Icon
team leader Icon
Team efficiency Icon
team efficiency Icon
Support Icon
support Icon
Strategic plan Icon
strategic plan Icon
Sponsor investment Icon
sponsor investment Icon
Solution Icon
solution Icon
Signing contract Icon
signing contract Icon
Sexual harassment Icon
sexual harassment Icon
Seminar Icon
seminar Icon
Schedule planning Icon
schedule planning Icon
Reward Icon
reward Icon
Relationship Icon
relationship Icon
Rejected Icon
rejected Icon
Recruitment Icon
recruitment Icon
Raise fund Icon
raise fund Icon
Quality control Icon
quality control Icon
Promotion Icon
promotion Icon
Productivity Icon
productivity Icon
Presentation Icon
presentation Icon
Premium service Icon
premium service Icon
Premium quality Icon
premium quality Icon
Personal development Icon
personal development Icon
Partnership-cooperation Icon
partnership-cooperation Icon
Partnership Icon
partnership Icon
Paperwork Icon
paperwork Icon
Overtime Icon
overtime Icon
Output Icon
output Icon
Opportunities searching Icon
opportunities searching Icon
Online consulting Icon
online consulting Icon
Office life Icon
office life Icon
Office building Icon
office building Icon
New product Icon
new product Icon
Motivation Icon
motivation Icon
Money growth Icon
money growth Icon
Money flow Icon
money flow Icon
Meeting Icon
meeting Icon
Marketing idea Icon
marketing idea Icon
Market prediction Icon
market prediction Icon
Market forecast Icon
market forecast Icon
Market analysis Icon
market analysis Icon
Making money Icon
making money Icon
Loan money Icon
loan money Icon
Leadership Icon
leadership Icon
Key person Icon
key person Icon
Job search Icon
job search Icon
Job interview Icon
job interview Icon
Invoice Icon
invoice Icon
International business Icon
international business Icon
Input Icon
input Icon


Tanahcon Business Black & White contains 90 business icons with modern and black-and-white style. Very suitable for your next project!

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TanahAir Studio

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Updated on August 2, 2019
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