64 Icons

Basic UI Element Icon Pack

Pack ID: 35261
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Available in Line Style
Arrow Down Icon
Arrow Down Icon
Arrow Down Icon
Arrow Left Icon
Arrow Left Icon
Arrow Right Icon
Arrow Up Icon
Artboard Icon
Backward Icon
Bell Icon
Bookmark Icon
Bookmark Icon
Calendar Icon
Camera Icon
Checklist Icon
Clock Icon
Cloud Icon
Delete Icon
Delete Icon
Document Icon
Duplicate Icon
Favorite Icon
Filter Icon
Folder Icon
Forward Icon
Gallery Icon
Grid Icon
Home Icon
Key Icon
Location Icon
Love Icon
Mail Icon
Map Icon
Menu Icon
Microphone Icon
Minus Icon
More Icon
Mute Icon
Navigation Icon
Next Icon
Notification Icon
Padlock Icon
Pause Icon
Pencil Icon
People Icon
Pin Icon
Play Icon
Plus Icon
Print Icon
Reminder Icon
Reply Icon
Reply Icon
Search Icon
Send Icon
Setting Icon
Share Icon
Signal Icon
Sound Icon
Stop Icon
Toggle Icon
Unlock Icon
Upload Icon
Video Camera Icon
Volume Icon

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