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Android User Interface Vol 1 Icon Pack

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File Types
svg, png and 4 more
Compatible With
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Xd
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
Chat, Bubble, Talk, Message, Communication, Comment
Remove, Minus, Subtract, Outline, Interface, Circle
Folder, File, Explorer, Document, Office, Package, Storage
Add, New, Create, Plus, Insert, Append, Interface
Keyboard, Device, Input, Outline, Virtualinterface
Rotate, Screen, Rotation, Window, Mobile, Orientation
Pie, Graph, Chart, Data, Finance, Analytics, Statistics
Shield, Firewall, Protect, Protection, Safety, Secure, Security
Arrow, Up, Upload, Direction, Way, Side, Sign
Location, Place, Map, Gps, Pin, Navigation, Maps
Android, Menu, Grid, App, View, Application, Outline
Arrow, Twoway, Path, Direction, Bidirectional
Lightining, Power, Bolt, Flash, Energy, Charge
Cancel, Close, Delete, Exit, Discard, Dismiss, Remove
Battery, Charge, Indicator, Low, Charging, Energy, Power
Shield, On, Secure, Firewall, Guard, Protection, Security
Reload, Retry, Again, Update, Restart, Refresh, Sync
Volume, Sound, Up, Full, High, On, Speaker
Sim, Card, Microsim, Telecommunication, Phonesimcard, Gsm, Cdma
Date, Time, Schedule, Calender, Planning, Event, Clock
Mobile, Wifi, Wireless, Internet, Data, Connection, Hotspot
Chat, Chatting, Talking, Groupchat, Communication, Comments
Clock, Time, Optimization, Schedule, Meeting, Watch, Interface
Sim, Card, Simcard, Telecommunication, Phonesimcard, Gsm, Cdma
Shield, Off, Firewall, Unguard, Safety, Unsecure, Risk
Attach, Pin, Pointer, Marker, Office
Battery, Charge, Indicator, Full, Charging, Energy, Power
Volume, Mute, Sound, Off, Slient, Audio
Wifi, Wireless, Network, Signal
Alarm, Clock, Alert, Time, Bell, Watch, Schedule
Setting, Option, Gear, Config, Change, Preferences, Interface
Location, Place, Map, Gps, Pin, Navigation, Marker
Check, Verified, Successful, Accept, Tick, Yes, Success
Chat, Talk, Bubble, Message, Comment, Says, Reply, Answer
Setting, Option, Gear, Config, Configuration, Preferences, Interface
Help, Question, Mark, Faq, Support, Ui, Interface
Shield, Add, Firewall, Protection, Safety, Secure, Security
Mode, Vibrate, Vibration, Mobile, Wave, Alert, Interface
Advice, Help, Info, Information, Learn, More, About
Brightness, Light, Adjust, Control, Interface


Android User Interface Tiles Difference Icon Collection.

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Jemis Mali


Be Happy, Keep Smiling :)

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Updated on August 6, 2016
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