70 Icons

Action Vol 2 Icon Pack

Pack ID: 35028
Download in svg, png formats
Available in Glyph Style
Add Note Icon
Exit Icon
Explore Icon
Explore Off Icon
Extension Icon
Face Icon
Favorite Icon
Favorite Icon
Feedback Icon
Find In Page Icon
Find Replace Icon
Fingerprint Icon
Flight Land Icon
Flight Takeoff Icon
Flip To Back Icon
Flip To Front Icon
G Translate Icon
Gavel Icon
Get Icon
Gif Icon
Grade Icon
Group Work Icon
Help Icon
Help Icon
Highlight Off Icon
History Icon
Home Icon
Horizontal Split Icon
Hourglass Empty Icon
Hourglass Full Icon
Http Icon
Https Icon
Important Devices Icon
Info Icon
Input Icon
Invert Colors Icon
Label Icon
Label Important Icon
Label Off Icon
Language Icon
Launch Icon
Line Style Icon
Line Weight Icon
List Icon
Lock Icon
Loyalty Icon
Mark Unread Mailbox Icon
Maximize Icon
Minimize Icon
Motorcycle Icon
Offline Bolt Icon
Offline Pin Icon
Opacity Icon
Open In Browser Icon
Open In New Icon
Open Lock Icon
Open With Icon
Page View Icon
Pan Tool Icon
Shopping Card Icon
Perm Camera Mic Icon
Perm Contact Calendar Icon
Perm Data Setting Icon
Perm Device Information Icon
Perm Identity Icon
Perm Media Icon
Perm Phone Msg Icon
Perm Scan Wifi Icon
Pets Icon
Picture In Alt Icon

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