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Recolor icons with ease

Till now you can Edit icons which are available on Iconscout platform but now you can upload your own icons and customize them according to your needs.

Change Icon Color

Change the color of the icon according to your brand. Select the color of the element you want to recolor. Choose a color from the color picker, or add HEX or RGB value and change the color.

Monochrome & Gray Tone Mode

Want to convert any icon into your brand color with single click? Try Monochrome or Gray Tone mode, which will instantly convert any icon into your brand color.

1000s of Color Palettes

Now, all it takes is a single click to convert your icons into any color palette. We've prepared a collection of thousands of unique color palettes from our friends at Colorsinspo.

Add a Tile to your icon

Add tile to your icons to make it App icon ready. Select from different tile options: Square tile, Squircle tile, Circle tile, or Beacon tile. You can also change tile color, size, corner radius and icon size.


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Download Free Iconscout plugin and access thousands of Coronavirus related assets in Slides, Docs, PowerPoint, and whole lot of other tools.