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Hand Wash

First and the most basic precaution is hygiene. Wash your hands every day properly with soap and water, or clean them with alcohol-based hand rub commonly called as a sanitizer.


Social Distancing

With the government on the implementation of social distancing and lockdown, it is important for us to maintain at least 1-meter distance between you and people around either they are healthy or ill.


Avoid touching your Face

With the importance of hygiene it is also important to note: avoid touching your face as much as possible. With Coronavirus being a communicable disease it is advised not to touch your face as air, and touch are the mediums virus travels.


Cover your Mouth and Nose

As mentioned above a healthy person gets infected via air and touch it is advised to always cover your face and nose with a mask. Mask act as a shield for us against coronavirus.


Stay Home

Another purpose of Social distancing is safety. It is very important to stay indoors in our homes and be safe. With the vaccine not discovered yet, this is a major precaution we need to take against COVID-19.


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