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Jahangir Alam Onuchcha

My name is Jahangir alam Onuchcha and I was born in 1982 in my home district Dhaka and grew up in Chittagong. I already an academically graduate in commerce. I've always had an interest in drawing, imaging and design. As a kid I spent hours sketching portraits. Than I chosen Multimedia, and I finished in 1 year Higher Diploma in Multimedia program on Aanada Multimedia. Now a day I also enjoy motion graphics and graphics design. In photography learning that was 1993 in my uncle’s first Yasika film camera. Than I took many photograph in my family and others in used Nikon FM and Yashika. I started out with mainly shooting nature and scenery, which I greatly enjoy, but I always wanted to photograph people. I thoroughly enjoy the idea behind street photography and photojournalism. Love emotions, expressions & facts of Human Rights, I love face to share their emotions and to catch them closer. I want a talk about my activities as a story written by any writer. As often as possible I try to just observe the people around me and capture the moment as it happens. That was 1995, I realized that photography is a journey, which carries more adventure and than hobby. And now in the year of 2010, I think as a career it’s more challenging but loving. He says: “Love for everything those are unseen and skimpy, make me powerful.” Don't think I've been as excited about traveling in a long time, and I finally got a chance to walk down memory lane, with camera in tow. Next time it won't be as long before I go back...! I am constantly developing and learning new things. Now, I am studying in Pathshala, South Asian Institute of Photography, and preparing myself to be a documentary photographer. I currently work as a freelance photographer and lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Before opting photography I worked in Visual effects (Motion Graphics) creator and Graphics Designing.

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