Top adorable Emoji Brands for your next Web and Mobile App

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Top adorable Emoji Brands for your next Web and Mobile App

Emoji, though sounding similar to the English words – emotion and emoticon, their meanings are anything but same. This single character pictograph is a representation of diverse emotions, objects, symbols etc. 

Since past two decades, the Japanese pioneered marvel has emerged as a universal language in digital communication. They make the text ‘alive’. Hence, these picture characters have gained an irreplaceable position among the social networking sites.

Unlike other technologies, emoji is going to be more powerful with every passing day. Recently, Unicode 9 standard observed an inclusion of 72 emoji to its existing set of 128,100. Understanding emoji’s elegance of multi-usage, Iconscout is presenting the list of the best emoji pack.

1. EmojiOne


EmojiOne is the world’s best collection of Open Source. It provides the customized version of available picture characters as free-to-use emoji set. To maintain their uniqueness, they are constantly evolving their designs. One such example of it is the recently launched EmojiOne 3.0.

Its emoji keyboard for Chrome, Opera and Firefox web browsers has replaced the inbuilt emoji set. Moreover, developers can access their work using GitHub.

GitHub Url:

2. Twitter Emoji

Twitter Emoji Twemoji

Restriction on character usage in tweets has made emoji an all-time-favorite for Twitter users. As emoji reduces long English phrases to singleton character, Twitter constantly surprises its subscribers with its new collection.

Recently, Twitter has made their emoji set available under MIT License for developers and designers. This open source provides an easy-to-embed twemoji.js library which offers a support for 2,477 pictographs.

GitHub Url:

3. GEmoji

Apple Emoji gEmoji
Apple Emojis

Apple had introduced this Japanese wonder to the world. Since then, they have been incorporated in numerous applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, SnapChat, and list is endless.

GEmoji allows the individual to play with the iOS emoji collection. Their library contains character information about native pictograph and image files for a few custom emoji. Also, it allows the user to extract the same from macOS Sierra for the browsers and OS’s that doesn’t support this emerging single character. Additionally, it gives its users the access to add new emoji in the list.

GitHub Url:

4. Emojidex

Emojidex Emojis

This “Emoji as a Service” can be used on any website or app to show Emojidex emoji set. Emojidex comprises of all the custom designed emoji that replaces existing Unicode emoji characters.

It also allows its users to create their own emoji. It is available as an Android app and a Chrome extension. Furthermore, it’s open source on GitHub provides widgets, J Query extensions, compiled raster images, vector emoji etc.

GitHub Url:

5. Noto Emoji (Google Android)

Google Nato Fonts - Android Emoji
Google Nato Fonts – Android Emoji

Noto Emoji is a color and black-and-white emoji fonts, and tools developed and managed by Google under Apache 2.0 License. It stands for “no more tofu” where tofu indicates those little boxes indicating device incompatibility for display. It has multiple styles and weights, and is freely available.

GitHub Url:

6. Emojipedia

Emojipedia Emojis
Emojipedia Emojis

Emojipedia has a close similarity to Apple’s version of these Japanese solution. It is a visual concept about the look and feel of the newly designed picture character after their fruition. They have designed a wide range of fresh beautiful mock ups which may or may not resemble its final versions. But the changes in this transformation journey are very adorable. Furthermore, one can use their draft emoji designs for their projects by giving them link attribution.

7. Emoji

Emoji contains more than 5000 in house created icons and/or illustrations available for immediate commercial use. Furthermore, they are available in high resolution and can be reproduced in any size.

8. Emoji Packs at Iconscout

Iconscout has provided a robust environment wherein the designers can flourish their talent. Explore the  most popular emojis

To know more about us. stay tuned for our next article on the best emoji packs available at Iconscout.

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