Iconscout Product Update: What’s New From April

The last few months have been very challenging for all of us. With the widespread coronavirus, social distancing has been acting like a shield for us. We hope that you’re all safe and at home with your families. Today we are here to inform you all about our product update for April month. Iconscout has […]

Year In Review - Iconscout 2019

2019 is about to end shortly! The world is gearing up to celebrate Christmas and welcome 2020. 2019 was a pretty exciting year for Iconscout. Many goals have been reached and we will aim to continue doing so in 2020. Let’s rewind the amazing year we have and see our milestones and landmarks. Some of […]

Iconscout + Adobe XD

Iconscout has been working with early APIs to bring a plugin to Adobe XD.   We’ve plugins for Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC, and we plan on bringing a similar experience to Adobe XD as soon as we can. Adobe XD helps designers go from idea to prototyping in an all-in-one UX/UI solution for […]

How OpenFaaS came to rescue us!

An overview of our experience with serverless computing and speeding up Iconscout. Being a bootstrapped startup, it’s an important decision to decide which technologies to invest in. Whether it’s cloud VMs, cloud services or even email providers. We were in the same situation when we opted to use OpenFaaS for our upcoming major update of Iconscout. Previously, we’ve […]

Iconscout + Ludus

For Iconscout, 2018 has started off with a huge bang. With determined and diligent works, we are steadily making breakthroughs, marking our mark in the global designing community. Lately, we have been associated with Icons8 and Roundicons. Now, Iconscout has set a new benchmark by joining hands with a European based company Ludus. Ludus Developed […]