The Best Adobe XD Plugins for Designers

Adobe XD is a tool that is awesome for a specific set of use cases like creating super quick prototypes, or extensive wireframing. Having early access to an all-new plugin ecosystem, together with the team at Adobe that provided feedback, insights, and great documentation we were able to create one of the first plugins for Adobe […]

Icondrop — How to install Add-in for Ms Word and PowerPoint?

Iconscout is world’s fastest growing icon library with a collection of more than 600,000+ icons from world’s top designers. After getting a great response for our Icondrop plugin for Sketch, Adobe lllustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, we’re pleased to launch our latest plugin for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. MS Word and PowerPoint are two of the […]

IconDrop – A Sketch Plugin to get beautiful icons with just one click

To convey brand personality, more often or not Color and Style are considered more important than any other element in interface. But we believe that icons are first and foremost communicate meaning in a graphical user interface. If we go by the definition, Icons are a visual representation of an object, action or idea. If […]