Iconscout Product Update: What's new from May'21

Another month with another product update and this time we are here with exciting updates! So go on reading further to know. I am sure you guys must be curious.

Iconscout Product Update: What's new from May'21

Another month, another bunch of good news! Last month we have some of the major updates to date including the availability of Lottie animations on our platform. We also released a brand new style in our Unicons library - Thinline icons and added more than 100K assets to the growing Iconscout assets library. We’re really excited about what we have added for you last month!

Lottie animations are now available on Iconscout

We’ve been working hard to get Lottie animations into our assets library. We’re excited to announce the news! Lottie animations are now in Iconscout for downloading. There are thousands of Lottie animations to choose from in either JSON or MP4 file format. Adding up the animation in your project is easy and requires no extra code. There is one more exciting update around the Lottie animations down below. Don't forget to check it.

Brand New Search Page

In our latest development, we have re-designed the search page. This will allow all users to have an easier time switching between asset types. There are various filters on the left-hand side which include style, color, dimension, etc. On the right hand side there is a sorting filter accompanied by View as option. For example, if you select 'Individual' option, it will show any individual products for that search term which 'Pack' will show all the packs available. In the middle part you can easily switch between the different assets type like Icons, Illustrations, 3D assets, and Lottie animations.

Additional Options

Now you can edit and animate icons before downloading them. We’ve also added an “Edit” and "Animate" option right below different file format option when you download assets on Iconscout. Click on Edit and Animate and you will come across advanced editors from where you can change color, add tile, and animate icon using various preloaded animation presets.

Unicons in Thin Line

Your favorite icon library is now available in Thinline style! Yes, you heard it right, Unicons are now available in Thinline style as well.

There are more than 1111+ icons in Thinline style. These icons are divided into 27 different categories such as User Interface, Business, Medical, etc. If you want to download any pixel-perfect icon in your brand color then simply click on the Color change button and select the color or you can also add your brand HEX code. It will show all the icons in your brand color. All the icons are carefully created on the 24px X 24px artboard. You can scale it at any length and it will perfectly fit in the size of your component.

Lottie Presets

As mentioned above you can Animate any icon before downloading it. As shown in below image, click on Animate button on right side and you will see preloaded presets available on the platform. You can also see live preview of each preset. Once you select the preset, click on Lottie button below to download the animated icon.

You get 18 presets with the tool of various kinds, allowing you to animate your icon in 18 different varieties. It is satisfying to try this on and select the one that fits your icon the best.  If you have not given it a try, give it a spin and let us know in our comment section below how you liked it!  

Growing the Assets library

We have been uploading thousands of assets every day, and we are working hard to make the number into lakhs. With so many assets being uploaded, our library has been growing up in number.

Our team has been working hard this past month, and we have curated skilled assets that are sparkling and irresistible. We make sure that each month we have assets from different categories and themes. Last month we uploaded about 127K+ Assets.

Top downloaded categories for this month are business, User interface,  Seo & Web, Food & Drink, and many more. Top contributors of this week are: Flat-icons.com, Boyko.Pictures, and uigo. They sure have very different styles of creating assets but they are very special in themselves.

Exclusive Assets

Here is a glimpse of our in-house exclusive assets which are quite in demand for last month - NFT 3D pack and Business 3D Pack. These 3D assets are available in PNG, and BLEND two file formats. These are high resolution and configurations that you can use from pop-up boxes to hoardings.

That's all the updates from lasy month. Tell us which update you would like to see next. See you next time!

We hope you try these out and have fun. Also, don't forget to share and subscribe! You can check Iconscout to download from Millions of icons, illustrations, 3D Assets, and Lottie Animations. We have a massive collection of assets! We will be back with another exciting topic soon.

Till then, Happy Designing!

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