In-House Designer's Appreciation Post

Hey you all! Hope you have a great start to your weekend, we are here today to celebrate our in-house design team. This has been an amazing quarter for us!

In-House Designer's Appreciation Post

Four months since 2021 started, we are one-third past this year and what has not changed at all is the dedication towards work shown by our in-house design team and the efforts they are putting day and night in making these possible. We are more than happy and shocked to see the way they are giving it all. Cheers! Here is to a wonderful quarter and start to 2021 and many more amazing designs to come.
Today we are not just gonna celebrate them by showcasing their work but introduce you to our team as well. So here we go, scroll down what are you waiting for!

Meet The Team

Let me introduce to you Jemis Mali he is the head of our in-house design team also the creator of unicons. He is known for his fun and lively nature in our Iconscout family. He has devised a very great way to start the day and a productive system to assign a task to other members for the day. Our in-house design team has this habit of passing on chits with a task written on them, making them much more useful. Introducing to you the heart of our design team.

Moving on to our very own and best illustration designer, Falak Mehta. Well, whatever said about her would not be enough. She is an amazing illustrator, who is good at sketching and concept building. She has weak spots for sunsets, pets, plants, books, and very excited about planning cultural events for the team. Presenting Falak.

Coming on to our 3D illustrator and our recent tour guide for your journeys, into the amazing world of 3D. Hamilton John is not just a great designer but a great gamer. He has a niche for 3D designs and games. He is also interested in binge-watching indie films and listening to alternative rock songs. If you enter into the 3D world of design then he is the best person to go to!

Last but certainly not least, Aditya Kalsaria, the youngest of all who likes to play around with is Aditya who does graphic design. He is very enthusiastic about design, creation, and art and likes to crack lots of jokes and make us laugh. An all-in-one player, he is constantly working on marketing visuals making our socials and blogs look bedazzling!

This is our small and awesome design team. Hope you had fun with them! You can even follow them for the latest Iconscout in-house assets update. So now that introductions are done let us move on to our hall of fame.

Hall Of Fame

Let's take a look at our best in-house assets for the first quarter of 2021.

Fintech Illustration Pack

Empty State 3D Pack

Daily Lifestyle Illustration Pack

Stickman Illustration Pack

Salesman 3D Pack

Valentine 3D Pack

Characters 3D Pack

Abstract Shapes 3D Pack

Cryptocurrency 3D Pack

What you are waiting for? Download these beautiful creations by our amazing design team now!

Don't forget to check Iconscout to download from Millions of icons, illustrations, 3D, as well as the soon coming Lottie Animations. We have a huge collection of assets in form of a library waiting for you. If you have any suggestions or want to be a part of the community, you can write to us on our Community Forum on Discord.

Till then Happy Designing!

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