Iconscout Product Update: What’s new from June

With the ongoing pandemic which was predicted to be over quite earlier. I am sure we have lost the track of the number of a lockdown or unlock. Whatever the situation might be we have not given up we all are working from home and we are back with another update alert for the month of June. In June, we spent most of our time in updating our Plugins and App. You will see a completely different view of both. Let’s dive in to see all the updates in detail.

If you haven’t tried our Plugins or App till now, you can download it from here.

New UI that consists with Web

Iconscout App new UI
Iconscout App new UI

New UI for our latest release ‘Iconscout Application’ making it more efficient and easier for use. Iconscout App has now a left sidebar providing the user with their contributors list the ones they have liked and follow. Your downloads, likes, and at last settings option. On the top is a search bar followed by the icons which can be further filtered on the basis of style, icons and icon pack.

Add favorite contributor and bundle

Add contributor or bundle from sidebar
Add contributor or bundle from the sidebar

Now add your favorite contributor and bundles to the sidebar. Just follow them and they’ll be available on your sidebar. The Bundle is a unique opportunity where users can find icons in similar styles all in that one bundle. As mentioned above on the left sidebar showing your favorite bundles and contributors. So now it’s very easy to access them with just one click.

Login with web

Login with web
Login with web

Forget about entering passwords, now click “Login with Web” to quickly login to App/Plugin. One-click Login with this feature now the users can log in with the web. When you click on it the web page opens you just have to login to your email and password once, then you set to use the Iconscout app. If you already logged in from your web then with just one click you will be logged in on the web as well.

Recent Search

Recent search
Recent Search

Now when you try to search for an icon, we’ll give you suggestions to quickly navigate. We’ll save your search history. So you can easily check them back. Like, Google, once you login in on the Iconscout app the user’s search history along with downloads, likes, contributors, and bundle lists will be available as soon as the login is completed.

Similar style in icon and pack

Similar style in icon preview
Similar style in pack preview

Now the style can be easily switched between along with a display of all the available style that can be found in the top row below the name of the icon. This option is available for the icon, icon packs, and even for the bundles.

Upcoming features

Illustrations in App

Illustrations support in Iconscout App. Now drag & drop illustrations right from Iconscout App. Soon 10k plus illustrations from our web library will be available on the Iconscout Application. With a simple drag and drop option. Yet another efficient use of our application.

UI Category icons

UI Category to easily use popular icons from Unicons, Material Design Icons, Font Awesome, Feather Icons, and many more for your App/Web. Soon the left sidebar will contain most popular bundles of Iconscout which are Unicons, Material Design Icon, Font Awesome, Feather Icons, and many more.

That’s all the updates from the month of June. Tell us which update you like the most. If you have any suggestions or work on anything, you can write to us on our Community forum.

Don’t forget to check Iconscout to see the fresh content and try our new features. We will come up with a new article very soon. Till then, Happy Designing!