Iconscout Product Update: New in November

Winter is coming! And while the air gets crisp, so do our updates! We are back with some exciting updates, so here's what's new in November!

Iconscout Product Update: New in November

Our teams have been working tirelessly to enhance the experience each of our users has on Iconscout. Our goal is to simplify the process of creating stunning designs. By improving our tools and assets and introducing newer and more disruptive ones, we are sure to make that possible for our community. So here are all our new implementations and improvements to create a better experience for you all.

Brand Color Filter

You can now edit and customize icons and illustrations to your brand's color palette with our newest feature on the Color Editor, the Brand Color.

In a few simple steps, you can create a new brand color palette, add the colors into the palette with a color picker of HEX code input, and just click on apply to add the magic of personalization. Create solid branding with assets in your brand colors!

Edit and customize icons and illustrations to your brand's color in a click

Search Optimizations

When we offer you a vast library of more than 3.7 million design assets, we must make your search experience through this extensive collection simpler and faster. Our teams have put in the work, and our search engine is now a whopping 300% faster than before! And, it has not just got faster, but smarter too.

Our search engine now delivers personalized AI-based results as well as suggestions, including synonyms. These tweaks go a long way toward saving your time and optimizing your design workflow.

Get personalized AI-based results as well as suggestions, including synonyms.

Search Result Page Tweaks

With our search mechanism becoming faster and smarter, we had to relook at how we present you with the search results in the most optimized manner. Many of our users preferred a more collective view of the search results, so we tweaked our search results page to showcase icons, illustrations, 3Ds, and Lotties on the same page. This view provided a high-level view with the best assets for each asset type displayed for users to use right away before diving into each asset type in detail.

One of the most significant improvements was to make navigating through these comprehensive search results simpler for you. We added thoughtful filters that would make fine-tuning search results a breeze for you. With just a toggle of a switch, you could now filter out Iconscout Exclusive, uniquely crafted high-quality assets that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Add a dash of exclusivity to your designs with our Exclusive Assets.

Filter exclusive assets from your search results with the toggle of a single switch

Add to Collection

So you're browsing through the Iconscout library and come across an asset you like that might be of use later in a project of yours. Without any second thought, hit the Collect button on that asset, and we'll save it to the My Collection for you. You can go to My Collection and find it under the asset type segregation. Isn't this super-organized and awesome? You focus on your design projects and let us manage and organize the rest for you.

Organise your design workflow by adding assets to your Collections

We hope our efforts enhance and simplify your design experience. Give these a try and let us know how you find them. Also, we're open to hearing from you about what we can do to make your experience on Iconscout better. So feel free to drop in your suggestions.

Visit Iconscout and make the most of our expansive library with 3.2M+ assets - Curated SVGs, Vector Icons, Illustrations, 3D graphics, and Lottie Animations.

Want to share your suggestions or become a part of the community? Write to us on our Community Forum on Discord.

Until then, happy designing!

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