Introducing Iconscout Desktop App for Mac and Windows

We are here to Introduce a very special and close to our heart 'Iconscout Application' !

Introducing Iconscout Desktop App for Mac and Windows

We at Iconscout always try to create tools for our users which makes their work easier. After our web version, when we first launched our plugin suite, we got an amazing response from our users. They just love the idea of having the entire library of icons available inside their favorite tools. While thousands of users were using the plugin, there were many users which were continuously asking us for Desktop App.

To honor all those requests, we launched our Mac App in Beta last month. Yet again, we got a tremendous response from our users. So we finally decided to create the desktop app for Windows as well.

Today, we are presenting the Iconscout Desktop App for Mac and Windows. Now you can access the Iconscout library of 1.5 Million+ icons directly from your Toolbar itself. Earlier with the help of our plugins, you could access icons inside specific tools only. Now with our App, you can access icons for any tool, document, application, etc without any restriction right from your toolbar.

Iconscout Desktop app for Mac and Windows
Iconscout Desktop app for Mac and Windows

Here are the list of features of Iconscout App:

1.5 Million+ icons in a single app

Yes, you heard it right about 1.5 million icons directly in your toolbar. Iconscout has a huge library of vector icons that expands over 40+ different categories starting from Business & SEO to E-commerce or current trending Coronavirus icons. Iconscout got all the categories covered. All these icons are available in a vector file format. Now with the App, it becomes easier than ever to access this library of icons.

Search for Icon / Icon pack

Once you open that APP, the first thing you will notice is the search bar. From here you can search for any icons from our vast library. Just type in the word and you will get thousands of results. You can filter them according to your need and you good to go. If you want a set of icons that belong to the same family then you can always select Packs option thus showcasing various icons in a single pack. The pack is basically a collection of icons in the same style presenting the same subject.

Drag and Drop to any tool

Search the icon you want and without even selecting just drag the icon onto the desired location and the icon will appear in your tool. It is known as Drag and Drop features. If you are using a tool that supports the SVG file type file then these SVG icons after dropping can be edited in the tool itself.

Switch Styles

As mentioned above Iconscout has a vast library of icons in 10 different styles like flat, line, colored outline, solid, and many others. It is easy to change the style. Just click on the style dropdown and select the style you want the filter will be applied and you will find icons in that style.

Add your favorite designers and access their assets easily

We all as a user admire some designers for their work and follow them. Using this feature, you can access your favorite designer’s items very easily. Click on the Iconscout dropdown menu on top left corner, you will find Selected Contributor option. You will find all the contributor names there who you have followed. Simply click on any one and you will see all their icons.

Below the list, there is Add to favorites button. By clicking on it, you will find the list of Iconscout contributors. To add, search for their name and select the checkbox or directly go through the list and select, click on Add button from below. Those contributors are now added on to your favorite list and you can quickly access their items by clicking on their name.

Access your Likes and Downloads

If you already have an account on the Iconscout web/plugin then you must have liked or downloaded some icons. By logging in through the same account you can access your likes and downloads by clicking on My Likes and My Downloads from the Iconscout dropdown menu on top. Here all your liked icons and downloaded icons will be shown.

Editable Icons

This is an additional feature that we have made sure is available in our Windows and Mac App as well. Similarly, like the plugin, you can also edit the color and size of the icon according to your brand value. As mentioned above if the tool you are using also supports SVG then the editing can be done much easily through the app. Making it easier for the user. We will soon add an editing feature in the App itself.

Download app from here: Mac App, Windows App

Installation guide: How to install Mac App, How to install Windows App

We will include more features and improve App design very soon. Please provide us with your feedback on our Community forum. We are giving an exclusive 60% Annual discount for our App users. Install now and get the offer. Don’t forget to check out Iconscout for your design needs.

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