Iconscout + Adobe Fund for Design

Adobe is supporting Iconscout through the Adobe Fund for Design.

We are very excited to welcome support through the Adobe Fund for Design to help us build Iconscout. The fund will provide financial support as well as an opportunity to work with Adobe experts, and get early access to new technology and features. This support gives us the opportunity to fulfil Iconscout’s goals and vision.

We are a design resource marketplace where you can get high-quality icons, illustrations and stock photos uploaded by contributors from all around the world. Our main objective is to enable users to do more within the tools they’re using every day. To fulfil our commitment we introduced the Icondrop plugin for Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC. Using the Icondrop plugin, you can insert your desired design resource with just one click from the tools you’re using.

Later we introduce Icondrop for other tools like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Google Slides and Sketch. Our aim is to become a leader in generating Indian creative content i.e. Icons, Illustrations and Stock photos which reflects Indian tradition and culture.

Adobe is inviting the large community of developers, entrepreneurs, individuals and teams that are shaping the future of creativity and design to build on the platform and establish an interconnected ecosystem.

Adobe recently launched the Adobe Fund for Design to support entrepreneurs and emerging teams who are building products and services in the field of design.

Through the Adobe Fund for Design, we are able to develop extensions for Adobe XD and other Adobe tools. We will soon introduce MyScout which will help you to easily share creative content with your team and they can access them from the tools they are using. This will enable seamless collaboration between teams. We will also produce exclusive content to facilitate our users with high-quality creatives.

We believe in pushing boundaries. With expert advice and support from Adobe, we strive to shape the future of design and creativity.      

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