15 must have Icon packs if you are a Web Designer

As a web designer here we are with 15 icon packs for you which you must have. Enjoy!

A web designer creates the look, layout, and features of a website. The main role that involves understanding both graphic design and computer programming. They simultaneously work with development teams. Many times Designer faces a problem like Outdated design, Overused stock images, and icons, Too many textures, and colors, etc.
Nowadays for every website designers Icons are one of the most important parts of any web design. Creating custom icons for every project is rarely possible and also time-consuming. To solve this problem, here we have listed some icon packs which will help you in all your future projects. These all icons are available on Iconscout in free and premium plans.

Avatar Icon Pack

Avatar icons used in a Web designing, video game, Internet forum, profile avatar, social media profile, etc. Here this avatar icon pack by Sergei Kokota where he made these icons in the flat and round style.

UI Essence Icon Pack

Here’s a collection of UI essence by Laura Reen which is made in color and Line style. This UI icon pack contains 100 icons which include icons like brightness, headphones, play, configuration and many more.

Social Media Icon Pack

If you are web designer you know the importance of the user. Displaying social media icons or links on a website has a direct effect on user engagement. In this icon pack, you can get YouTube, Facebook icon WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, Dribbble, Messenger, etc.

SEO Icon Pack

SEO is must for every website which helps you to get higher rankings. This icon pack by Soodesign wich contain 20 icons. Hope these SEO icons useful for your web design.

Business And Office Icon Pack

A Collection of icons that describes all the business area like briefcase, money, a bag of money, sales, package, delivery, shop, money transaction, businessman or woman, and other stuff related to business and office. These business icons are in a glyph style.

Artificial Intelligence Icon Pack

This artificial intelligence icon pack is designed by Pro Symbols in flat style. If you are making a project on newly technology like Virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, robotics may these icons are usefull.

Avatar Icon Pack

Avatar icon may be in form of man, woman, a young girl, kid, funny avatar, cool avatar, etc. This icon pack contains 16 icons with color outline style.

Digital Marketing Icon Pack

Digital marketing interacts with targeted audiences in real time. This icon pack contains icon like media, live, connected, bank, analytics, display, etc.

Flags Icon Pack

By Icons8

If you made a website or mobile application its neccessary to select your regionality and nationality. This icon pack includes many countries flags like India, Malaysia, USA, UK, England, Germany, China, Canada, United Nations, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Jordan, etc.

Payment Logos Icon Pack

If your business is online then you must require a payment gateway on your website. This icon pack includes logo like PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, etc.

Shop Payment App Background Icon Pack

If your business is online then these icons are useful for payment, to show your ongoing discounts on a website, invoice, etc. This Icon Pack contains all the major wallet, bill, swipe card, online payment, bitcoin, and many more.

SEO And Web Optimization Icon Pack

SEO is trending nowadays the main purpose of SEO is to reduce the time of person spends searching on google. This SEO and web optimization icon pack contains icons like target, development, chart, chain, etc.

Design Tool Icon Pack

Design tools are used to design icons and illustrastion, etc. there are many design tools like Adobe XD, Sketch, figma, etc. this icon is made by Maxim Basinski in color ouline style.

Science And Technology Icon Pack

If you are developing a website for education or maybe science related then this icon pack is useful and this icon pack includes icons like the atom, DNA, conical flask, computer, etc.


If your website or mobile application is about Agriculture and Farming then this icon pack is must to have. Designed by Lupislegi, this icon pack contains icons like a tractor, bee, farmer, hay, etc.

Want easy access?

We hope that this will help you with your upcoming projects, whether personal or commercial. You can download all these icons in transparent PNG and JPG as well as free vector icon files such as SVG, AI, PSD, and ICO format. You can also edit in our Icondrop plugin. Download Free plugin for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. All the icons are compatible with Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Docs, and Google Slides.

Reverse Image Search for the Selected Icons

As a web designer, you must have to keep in mind the importance of unique icons for your website designs. For that purpose, you can use picture search tool. It works as search by image process that will enable you to make sure that the icons pack you are using during web development are unique, and it’s the first time you are implementing these icons in your site. 

Happy Designing.! 

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