Icon Design Inspiration – Week #42

Hello folks! Here’s Forty-first article on our blog series ‘Icon Design Inspiration’. This time we’ve picked 20 best shots which include really good icons and illustrations. Apart from our list if you find anything inspiring design around please link them in the comment section below.

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Happy Designing!

Line Icons Duo-Tone

Line Icons Duo Tone by Ramy Wafaa
Line Icons Duo Tone by Ramy Wafaa

Flat Color Icons: Superheroes

Flat Color Icons: Superheroes by Anna Golde for Icons8

Time Conductor

Time Conductor by Aslan A. for Fireart Studio

Isometric illustrations

Isometric illustrations by Nic Jablonski for Prismake.

Finger picked

Finger picked by Darius Dan

Ninjay Icon Set

Ninjay Icon Set by Karol Rycio

Drinks – ‘Summer Food’ icon set

Drinks – ‘Summer Food’ icon set by Ben Bely for Icon Forge

Battle Hops Icons

Battle Hops Icons by Sergei Hohlov

Monster Mascot

Monster Mascot by Dmitri Litvinov

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments by Gayathri

Summer Refreshments

Summer Refreshments by Hanzhe Designs

Games Pattern

Games Pattern by Alex Kunchevsky

Financial Icons Set

Financial Icons Set by Samuel Osh

Travel Security Icons

Travel Security Icons by Shoam Thomas

Empowered Icons

Empowered Icons by Eight Hour Day

Animated Scene with money

Animated Scene with money by Kristina Zeljukina


Rock by Maria Tokareva

Project Unknown – Google Icons

Project Unknown – Google Icons by Max Patchs

School Icons

School Icons by David Carapinha

Vehicle appear effect

Vehicle appear effect by Gleb Kuznetsov

Over to you

We hope you find really good inspiration for your next design from this beautiful shots. Have you come across any good icon or illustration design that we forgot to mention? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to check our latest article of Design Insights series with Flipkart. Don’t forget to share and subscribe! 🙂