How to install Icondrop for Adobe XD

With the latest version of Adobe XD, we are very excited to bring Icondrop for XD. Using this plugin user can get millions of icons, illustrations and stock photos into your design. Icondrop is available via dedicated plugin store in Adobe Xd.

How to install Icondrop Plugin for Adobe Xd


Open up Adobe Xd. You’ll see two tabs at the left named “Home” and “Add-ons”. Click on “Add-ons” tab to see add-ons for Adobe Xd.

Step 2:

On Add-ons screen, click “Plugins” link in the header to see all the plugins.

Step 3:

In Plugins popup, search for “Icondrop”  and click on “Install” button at the right.


Step 4:

It’ll take some time to get installed. After it gets installed you can open up your document and start using Icondrop.

How to Use Icondrop for Xd:

Step 1:

Go to Plugins > Icondrop to access millions of Icons, Illustrations & Stock Photos.

Step 2:

Search for your desired design assets.

Step 3:

Select the asset and Click on Insert.

Step 4:

And here’s your desired assets right into Xd.


Icondrop provides you an access to creative features:

  1. Get access to millions of high quality icons, illustrations and stock photos from Iconscout.
  2. Powerful search to find the perfect resource you need right inside Xd.
  3. Choose file format and resolution to insert icon or image.
  4. Login with your Iconscout account to access your downloads & likes.
  5. Designer mode to pick your favorite designer & photographer and access their resources directly without searching in the entire Iconscout library.
  6. Download premium assets with your Iconscout subscription.

We hope you’ll love Icondrop for Xd. Do share your reviews and suggestions at Iconscout Support.

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