Design Inspiration – Week#4

Hey guys, here’s the fourth article in our Design Inspiration weekly series. This time we’ve picked 16 best shots which include icons and illustrations from around the web. Apart from our list if you find anything inspiring design around, please link them in the comment section below.

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WiFi city

Zero waste icons

zero_waste by Berkah Icon
Zero waste by Berkah Icon 


dreaming by galshir
Dreaming by Gal Shir

Blue icons

blue icons by Rumi Rumi
blue icons by Rumi Rumi 


collaboration by Pawel Olek
Collaboration by Pawel Olek

Shaping clay

dribbble_shaping_clay by ranganath krishnamani
Shaping clay by ranganath krishnamani 


navigation_in_ui_illustration_tubik by tubik in Graphic Design
Navigation by tubik in Graphic Design

Radio interview

radio_interview by Anton Fritsler (kit8) for Kit8
Radio interview by Anton Fritsler (kit8) for Kit8

Spendesk icon

spendesk-iconset by Benjamin Ulmet for Muxu Muxu in Spendesk
Spendesk icons by Benjamin Ulmet for Muxu Muxu in Spendesk

System integration

system integration by Hurca™ for Hiwow
system integration by Hurca™ for Hiwow

Time out

Time out by MUTI
Time out by MUTI

Automobile icons

twitter_tire__car__wheel__tyre by Deemak Daksina
Automobile icons by Deemak Daksina

Information Architecture

Information Architecture by tubik in Graphic Design

Iungo illustration

Iungo illustration by Gytis Jonaitis for Flair Digital

Green Pea lifting A Sleeping Carrot

Green Pea lifting A Sleeping Carrot by Abhishek Vishwakarma


Cliffside by Pavlov Visuals 

Over To You

We hope you find a really good inspiration from these beautiful shots. Have you come across any good icon or illustration design that we forgot to mention? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Don’t forget to share and subscribe!

Happy Designing!